radiant skin laser peel treatment

The treatment

The 30-minute Carbon Laser Peel treatment begins with a double cleanse, after which the therapist applies a thin layer of carbon cream over my entire face. After 15 minutes, a doctor comes in to begin the five-minute laser portion of the treatment. First, he uses the laser to heat up the fine particles of carbon in the cream (this is said to reduce oil secretion and improve skin texture). Next, he switches to another mode that releases short bursts of energy to blast off the carbon, remove dead skin cells and exfoliate. Finally, the therapist returns to do a final cleansing and apply toner, moisturiser and sunscreen.

The verdict

Probably the most painless laser treatment I’ve ever done – I only felt only a soft heat with a very light static sensation. My complexion was significantly smoother immediately after, and my skin appeared more radiant the next day. $120, South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic, 277 South Bridge Road, tel: 9730-8999

Main image: Showbit.com

An adapted version first appeared in Female’s November issue.

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