ghd hair styler


#1 haircare tip

“Use the right shampoo: If you don’t use one that’s right for your hair, it may cause frizziness or dry, split ends, so you should get professional advice on what shampoo is best for your hair. You can’t style your hair properly if hair is damaged.”

The proper way to brush your locks

“Apply a hair serum before combing, and use the Paddle Brush to comb through hair as it has wider teeth (to detangle hair). It can be used even on wet hair. After that, use a grooming comb.”

ghd brush
Launching in Sephora Singapore stores on Aug 4: the Ceramic Vented Brush in size 3 ($40) and the ghd Paddle Brush ($45).

Why launch a brush collection now

“ghd prides ourselves in offering professional hairstyling services (and the brushes are a good complement to this). We’ve worked at the Victoria Beckham and Victoria’s Secret fashion shows using a combination of ghd’s electrical tools and brushes, and a lot of people here have been asking about the brushes too.”

What makes these brushes stand out

“Normal brushes have short ends, but these have longer ends for better grip. The Ceramic Vented Brush has a hollow barrel to help dry hair faster as heat can dissipate through the centre. This helps in styling, as you have to cool down your hair to make sure your hairstyle will hold for a longer period of time. I’ve been using the brushes for a few years now, but they still look like new.”

How to care for your hairbrush

“Don’t use hot water to wash it – warm or cold water with a bit of shampoo will do. Hot water will make the bristles spread out or fall off.”

ghd platinum styler
The limited edition platinum electric pink ghd styler ($395) is slated to launch on Oct 13, 2016.

ghd platinum styler’s stand-out functions

“The styler has a patented tri-zone technology i.e. there are three sensors on each heating plate. This maintains heat at a continuous temperature of 185 degrees Celsius, the optimum temperature that will change the form of your hair based on research from our laboratory in Cambridge, London. If you style your hair at temperatures between 220 to 230 degrees Celsius, hair cuticles will be damaged and cannot be repaired. The styler can also increase shine as it seals cuticles and helps hair reflect light better.”


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