korean glass skin

Women around the world envy Koreans for their “glass skin”. You know, that translucent, luminuous and almost pore-less complexion that is literally everyone’s #skingoals? While there are skincare and makeup products that can help to achieve the look, Koreans actually have a treatment that they haven’t been sharing with the rest of us.

Skin botox. Yes, we do mean the injectable that is famous for getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin botox is one of the most popular treatments in Korea for the past 10 years, and pretty much gives you glass skin instantly. We first heard about when a popular Kpop girl group member admitted to doing it every month because she loved the look so much. And trust us, her complexion is the epitome of glass-like.

Here’s how it works: While regular botox is injected into the muscles of your face to weaken them and prevent creases from forming, skin botox in injected on the outer layer of skin (just below the surface to be precise) and claims to be able to treat and tighten pores, brighten skin and give your complexion an overall smoothing effect. Basically, you get glass skin without having to bother about serums or highlighters.

And because the injections are done at a more superficial level, skin botox won’t affect your facial motions or expressions.

Sounds great, right? But it’s not without its negatives. For one, while you are injected about five to eight times each session during standard botox, skin botox requires about 40 to 50 injections per treatment. Ouch.

Another minus? While the treatment might be extremely popular and commonplace in Korea, it’s not that well known in other parts of the world. Which means if you want to try it, you’ll probably have to hop on the plane and head to the land of Kpop and kimchi to get it. And considering that the results only last about three to six months, that means a lot of flights a year just to maintain the look.

So while we’re definitely intrigued by what skin botox is said to be able to do for us – because who doesn’t what ‘”glass skin” – we’re not exactly planning our next trip to Seoul or making that dermatologist appointment just yet. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to try out the next skincare or makeup product that promises to help us achieve the look.