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Forget Dewy Skin - Glass Skin Is The Korean Beauty Trend We Are In Love With

South Korea has clearly cemented itself as a superior hub for everything skincare and beauty related, what with its innovative products and many trends that have taken the internet by storm (we compiled it here). But one trend we are always loving? Glass skin. Just like how a piece of glass is smooth, reflective and clear, glass skin refers to a hydrated, translucent and luminous complexion with just the right amount of sheen.

Not sure how to achieve the covetable glass skin look? Korean brand Yuri Pibu (which literally means ‘glass skin’ in Korean, by the way), promises to help with their waterless, high-efficacy skincare line. Check out the products below, which are all available on beauty e-commerce site Evening Island, as well as other products to buff, hydrate and smooth your skin.