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A Simple 4-Step Guide To Achieving That Sought-After Glowing Skin

Look luminous and wide awake with the help of these new beauty products.

So, you’ve tried everything but still see a lacklustre complexion staring back at you whenever you look into the mirror? Fret not, we’ve come to your rescue. And because we know how busy we all are, going through 365 skincare steps a day (okay, we’re exaggerating) isn’t practical. We’ve handpicked four to breathe new life into your skin. Yup, just four. You can thank us later.

Step 1: Treat your skin to a deep cleansing mask

glowing skin

Photo: su:m37

We already know that cleansing and exfoliating are crucial in keeping our skin clean but if you still find that your skin looks dull, you’ll need to take your skincare a step further.

By that, we mean incorporating a deep cleansing mask into your beauty routine. Made with Damyang Bamboo Charcoal, Black Quinoa and Black Tea, su:m37’s new Bright Award Bubble-De Mask, $67 for 100ml, sinks deep into the skin to spring clean your pores and chase away dirt and grime.

The added Fermented Pearl Protein and Cytosis (the popular K-beauty brand’s key ingredient in all of its products) leave your skin with a lit-from-within glow that can be commonly found in many Korean stars.

Step 2: Pick a multi-action serum

glowing skin

Photo: Skin Inc

Gone are the days of single function serums. As much as we want to indulge in pampering our skin with multiple beauty products, sometimes we just can’t afford the time to do so.

And Skin Inc understands that. Which is why they’ve just launched its new serum named My Daily Dose of Glow, $98 for 20ml. Containing a cocktail of vitamin A, Chlorella Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, this lightweight serum promises to deliver anti-ageing, brightening and hydrating effects to the skin with every application.

In short, this serum can be used to replace your moisturising, line reducing and brightening serums. That’s about an extra 15 minutes for you to snooze in the AM. It’s a win-win all round!