Facial masks for your face are like vitamins for your body: a necessity, and they should be used every day – just never the same kind back to back.

You read it right: Use a facial mask EVERY DAY. For example, if you start with a hydrating mask on a Monday, Tuesday’s could be a deep-cleansing mask, followed by an anti-ageing one on Wednesday and so forth. The exceptions: Those with dry skin should use moisturising masks every other day, while oily complexions should opt for a clarifying mask two to three times a week, and intersperse them with whitening, hydrating, anti-aging or soothing ones. Here, a few you can try.

For Tired Skin
Guerlain Abeille Royale Repairing Honey Gel Mask
is fresh, gel-textured, and has royal jelly and honey extract to repair, nourish and soothe. $200

 Great Skin Facial Mask Daily

For Grease-Clogged Skin
Kose Infinity Pure Advance Deep Clear Mask
uses tiny beads to remove surface dead skin and blackheads (massage the cream in a circular motion), and clay to suck up sebum and dirt from pores. $55

 Great Skin Facial Mask Daily 1

For Delicate Skin
La Mer Intensive Revitalizing Mask
not only boasts the brand’s signature skin-healing miracle broth, it also has a purifying ferment made of lime tea concentrate and glacial kelp to supposedly neutralise free radical damage caused by stress and pollution. $265

Great Skin Facial Mask Daily 3

For Tired, Dull skin
Origins Ginzing Refreshing Face Mask
cools with its gel texture. It has caffeine to supposedly boost skin cells’ energy output so you’ll look radiant and rosy. $50

Great Skin Facial Mask Daily 2