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Our 3-Step Guide To Creating Smoky Eye Makeup

From subtle shading to bold blacks, here’s our 3-step tutorial to creating three different smoky eye looks.

Coloured Smoky

A fun version of the tradition smoky, this versatile look can take you from quirky to romantic depending on the eyeshadow shade. To keep it simple, stick to two or three colours of the same family.

  1. 1. Using a brush of about one to two cm wide, blend a medium-shade eyeshadow over your whole socket, focusing more on the middle. Apply the same colour along your lower lash line and blend softly.
  2. 2. Apply a highlighter in the same colour family at your brow bone and blend it down to your shadow to contour your eye.
  3. 3. Choose a dark eyeshadow shade and use a brush line your lower lash line. Apply the same shade to the outer half of your upper lash line, blending upwards.

Tip: Darker tones tend to be easier to wear when working with colours. And to keep the look chic, pair it with nude cheeks and lips.