Wool coat, Cos. All other clothes and accessories, Loke’s own

A decade into being a hairstylist, this fashion-loving 29-year-old now takes on customers by appointment only (contact Evolve Hair Salon, where he freelances, if you want one). That’s because he spends most of his time on creating stylish, ’90s-inflected videos for fashion magazines. “Motion pictures can tell people so much in just 30 seconds,” says the self-taught videographer who got into the craft a year ago.

As much as he dreams of making it big behind the camera, working with hair, he says, will always be a part of his life. To think that he had gone into it back in his hometown of Kuala Lumpur because a diploma in hairdressing took up a fraction of the time he would have needed to complete one in graphic design – his first interest – and meant a quicker route to independence.


Citing “books, artwork, design, exhibitions and sculptures” as his sources of inspiration, his artistic eye quickly landed him a job at his “benefactor”/celebrity hairstylist David Gan’s salon Passion when he moved to Singapore in 2012. Since then, he’s only further honed his aesthetic – modern, trend-informed, tastefully experimental – gaining a loyal following not only among clients, but also publications such as ours in which he gets to unleash some of his most daring ideas.

Silk bodysuit and cotton top, Fendi

Working on editorials is a guilty pleasure, he admits, because “I can do anything (I want)”. The story behind the hairstyle that he’s created for this story? “I came across images of craters captured by the China National Space Administration and thought I could try to recreate them.” Space Odyssey: The Junz Loke edit, anyone?

Grooming for Loke Priscellia Wong, using Nars Cosmetics Model Kate Lizniuk/Mannequin

This story first appeared in the November 2019 issue of FEMALE.