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2 Hair Experts On The Best Tips To Maintain Healthy Locks And More

It's more than just using a shampoo and conditioner on a daily basis.

Let’s be honest: has a hair treatment ever been a priority on your beauty to-do list? Or would you rather schedule your monthly facial appointments? We are often more conscientious when it comes to taking care of our complexion and pay lesser attention to our hair. Having a robust skincare regime, however, isn’t enough when it comes to looking our best,  it’s time to take extra effort to care for our tresses (because seriously, would you want to have hair loss at 25? We think not). To get you started, we talk to the founder of aesthetic clinic SW1 Clinic Dr. Low Chai Ling and Schwarzkopf’s global trend ambassador Armin Morbach for their tips, advice and more.

The haircare products every woman needs in her beauty arsenal

Dr. Low Chai Ling (LCL): “Women should not just focus on their hair but consider the scalp too – try Viviscal hair growth vitamins which can help promote healthy hair growth. For women experiencing some hair loss, consider using a scalp serum that contains minoxidil and biotin to promote healthy hair growth and reduce hair loss.”

Armin Morbach (AM): “The most important products are leave-in products. They are worth splurging on because you don’t wash them out and they’ll have a lasting effect. A moisturising hair mask – either a light version for fine hair, a smooth one for unruly hair and an intensely moisturizing one for dry hair that you use once to twice a week. Secondly, dry shampoo as it’s multifunctional, adds texture, prevents greasy strands and adds volume instantly to any hair type. Lastly, a serum. This has multiple usages too. It adds shine to dull hair, prevents splitting and tames frizz. Of course, a shampoo and conditioner for daily use are essential.