hair masks

Discouraged over your dry, dull and damaged hair? Maximise your mane maintenance by adding these rinse-off masks to your arsenal, all of which are supremely soothing and smell so very sublime, too. #HappyShopping!

hair masks
Shu Uemura Art of Hair Ultimate Remedy Mask, $89

Offering ultra relief for ultra-damaged hair, this richly restorative cream boasts fibre-fortifying ceramides and lotus extracts, and can be used in lieu of your conventional conditioner as an intensive weekly treatment. Simply smooth it in and rinse off in the shower after a couple of minutes. Here’s a personal tip: Try using this as a quick and dirty volumiser for day. Scrunch into damp hair and work it into the roots, mussing it up to create hold for an extra lifted effect.

hair masks
Balmain Paris Hair Couture Revitalizing Mask, US$33 (approx. $46),

This intensely invigorating salve comes chock-full of cuticle-sealing vitamin E that lend my locks a souped up shine that’s well nigh salon-grade in sheen.

To apply, warm up the product in your palms, then work it in from the tips, massaging all the way to the mid-shaft. And while you’re meant to rinse off this mask after three minutes or so, I’ve found that it’s also perfect as a heat-protective shield for a trendy “wet” look. Use a paper towel to sponge off any mask residue, blow-dry with a diffuser until your head is almost but not quite bone-dry, then grab a comb and run it through your tresses, separating the strands into inch-length sections. When you’re done, ditch the comb and use your fingers to muss up the ends, twisting and twirling at random. Voila! Wet-look hair achievement level unlocked with the aid of just one product.

hair masks
Kerastase Chronologiste Creme de Regeneration, $69

My (equally vain) cousin has amassed a veritable vanity chest’s worth of compliments on the varnished voluptuousness of her hair, to which she owes Kerastase a huge debt – for close to a year now, she’s been massaging this essence into her head as part of a nourishing fortnightly treatment.

Stuffed with “bodybuilding” ceramides, a special hair-strengthening molecule complex and antioxidant actives to shield your scalp from the UV ravages of the sun, the protective product promises to prevent hair breakage and lend your moistureless mane a shampoo ad-worthy sheen.

Right, then. “Hairs” hoping these top treats for your tresses will get you out of future hairy situations. Good luck!

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