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All The Best Hair Masks Under $25 That'll Transform Your Tresses

Treat dry and damaged locks with these intensely rich salves, even if you’re on a budget.

As women get their hair exposed to chemical processes like perming and colouring, as well as frequent heat styling, it’s inevitable that our hair gets drier, weaker and more damaged. And while many of us might enjoy regular hair treatments at the hands of our trusted stylists, it’s always important to use suitable products to maintain healthy hair in the comfort of our own homes.

And that’s where hair masks come in. Often packed with nourishing ingredients that repair, rebuild and strengthen brittle hair, one generous dollop instantly softens dry and rough locks as it replenishes hair with lost nutrients gradually over time. After shampooing, apply a generous amount of hair mask onto the lengths of your hair and leave on for five minutes to let your tresses drink up all the goodness it contains. Use a wide-toothed comb to ensure that it is evenly distributed and always avoid the scalp when apply hair masks or conditioners as they might cause scalp to become greasy due to their rich texture. For an intensive treatment, put on a shower cap after you’ve applied the hair mask and leave it on for a longer period of time. This helps the active ingredients to really penetrate into the hair shaft rather than just coating hair’s surface.

And while products from pricey brands often boast cutting-edge technology, many budget-friendly ones are also great options as they are enriched with botanical oils to deeply condition parched strands. Here, 11 of the best hair masks under $25 that will leave your hair softer and smoother:

Starskin Coco-Nuts Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask, $16
Inspired by traditional hot oil treatments, this one-time mask harnesses the time-honoured benefits of virgin coconut oil. Scientifically to penetrate hair shaft to strengthen and repair locks from inside out, it also nourishes dry scalp for hair that’s stronger and shinier. Before use, pop the unopened hair mask sachet into the microwave for 20 seconds to heat it up and apply onto hair and scalp while the coconut oil is still warm. Cover your hair with the shower cap enclosed for a minimum of 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly and following with shampoo. For best results, leave it on overnight as an SOS treatment for severely damaged hair. Sephora Collection Acai Hair Sleeping Mask, $7 for 30ml
If you colour your hair frequently, maintaining the vibrance of your locks can be a challenge as its luster starts to fade after about two weeks. On top of using a hair serum or a hair oil to nourish hair and restore its healthy shine, it’s also important to treat the root of the problem. Enriched with acai, a powerful antioxidant that reverses the damage caused by free radicals, this leave-on overnight sleeping mask for the hair resuscitates dull and lifeless hair while you snooze. In the morning, remove shower cap and rinse well for softer, smoother, more lustrous hair. L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Coriander Strength Source Mask, $19.90 for 200ml
Ideal for those with weak and thinning hair, this deeply restorative hair mask reinforces hair shaft with essential nutrients for stronger, denser hair. Plus, the formula has a whipped texture and is free of silicones that can coat hair and weigh it down. Instead, this rinses off from hair thoroughly and leaves hair light and airy. Honeyce Deep Moist Repair Hair Mask, $18,90 for 250ml
Formulated to shield hair from UV, heat and chemical damages, it harnesses the nourishing benefits of honey and is also infused with three amino acids to strengthen hair structure. Since hair is primarily made of keratin, which is a type of protein, amino acids are able to help rebuild any damages as they are essentially building blocks of proteins. Avoid the scalp during application and rinse thoroughly so the residue doesn’t weigh hair down. Naturals by Watsons Olive Hair Mask, $9.90 for 200ml
Organic olive oil harvested from Italy lies at the heart of this deeply conditioning mask. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, it improves hair elasticity, provides it with nutrients and also combats free radical damage for more resilient and shinier hair that is less prone to breakage. VERB Manage + Restore Hydrating Mask, $24
Perfect to restore vibrance to lackluster colour-treated or add shine to dull hair that’s subjected to heat styling frequently, this lightweight conditioning mask softens dry hair with glycerin while babassu oil provides essential nutrients so it becomes more supple and less susceptible to breakage. Use weekly or whenever it’s needed for instantly softer hair without worrying about it flattening your tresses. Tsubaki Premium Hair Mask, $18.90 for 180g
Inspired by ancient Japanese beauty rituals, this creamy hair mask repairs dry and damaged ends, transforming hair into silky soft tresses. Featuring the Rich Innovative Permeation Technology, it ensures that all the active ingredients from camellia oil and royal jelly deeply penetrate into the hair shaft to strengthen and lock in nutrients for salon-like results at your convenience. L’Oréal Hair Expert EverCreme Renourishing Butter, $19.90 for 250ml
If you have thick and unmanageable hair that is prone to frizz and dry ends, try this nourishing hair butter from L’Oréal Hair Expert. Rich in gardenia and flower oils, it has a rich butter texture that instantly quenches parched locks while softening frazzled hair. Over time, hair becomes softer and more manageable while looking more vibrant and bouncy. KOCOSTAR Home Salon Hair Pack, $10 for 30ml
Designed to give you salon-like results in just one usage, this home care hair pack is formulated with a carefully selected mix of botanical oils and extracts to deeply condition and resuscitate parched locks. To use, towel dry freshly shampooed hair before placing cap around the hair and tucking in all loose strands. Tighten the cap and massage scalp gently to distribute hair mask evenly for optimal absorption. After about 15 minutes, remove cap and rinse hair and scalp thoroughly with warm water. Touch and feel the difference as dry and rough ends are transformed into silky smooth strands, just like what you would expect from an in-salon treatment.