The Botanical Bliss Therapy treatment by PHS Hairscience not only soothes sensitive scalps, but also gives you luscious locks. 

Hair Scalp Treatment Review Healthy

You know the saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life”? This is kind of the same thing, except we’re talking about the hair and scalp: When the scalp is strong and in optimal condition, hair will also look and feel healthier. The Botanical Bliss Therapy is formulated by PHS Hairscience’s resident trichologists to balance the scalp and soothe irritation, which in turn boosts the overall condition of hair.

The two-hour treatment begins with the therapist applying a soothing essential serum onto my scalp. The watery serum has citrus oil and bergamot essence to purify and calm, with a cooling sensation. My head goes under an oxygen steamer for 20 minutes to help the soothing essential serum penetrate more deeply. 

A 20-minute relaxing shoulder massage follows, after which my hair is thoroughly shampooed. A sensitive scalp serum with bitter range flower extract is then massaged into my scalp to help restore and strengthen skin’s protective barrier, for 10 minutes. My head is then placed under an infrared light that supposedly boosts blood circulation. This lasts for 10 minutes, and my therapist ends the treatment with a blow-dry.

Post-treatment, my scalp feels fresher and my hair looks shiner and bouncier. For a week after, I skip conditioner yet my hair manages to not look dry or frizzy. 

$288 at PHS Hairscience, #05-25A/B Ngee Ann City, tel: 6692-0662