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5 "Big Night Out" Hair Styling Ideas For All Lengths

From fuss-free pixies to cascading curls, here’s how to prep your hair for a date on Valentine’s Day — or any big night out, really.
#1: A Wavy Bob
While many of us might think that it takes a lot of effort to get “sexy” hair, the truth is that there’s no harm in keeping it simple. Avoid overthinking your ‘do and stick to the basics for a win-win situation. If you have chin-length hair like Dua Lipa, make the most of your natural hair texture and give yourself a simple blow dry. Focus on the roots to give flat hair a root lift, or rough it up by added some dry shampoo. It’s the perfect, low-maintenance look especially if you have something planned outdoors. Image: Instagram (@dualipa) #2: Elegant Updo
If you’re headed for somewhere fancy for dinner, consider opting for a dressier style like this elegant updo sported by Gemma Chan — perfect for dresses that have some detailing at the shoulders or the back. Pull your hair back and secure with pins before gently pulling out some pieces of hair around your face to help frame your features. If your hair is very fine and won’t hold the style for an entire night out, try creating some texture by applying either a hairspray or texturising spray onto your hair lengths to rough it up before pinning it up. Image: Instagram (@gemma_chan) #3: Sleek, Shiny Tresses
You can never go wrong with glossy and shiny tresses. Flat iron your hair to get it sleek and smooth, and don’t forget to first protect your locks with a hair primer. As a finishing touch, work some nourishing serum at the roots and mist a shine spray generously all over the lengths of your hair for healthy and shiny look. Image: Instagram (@cwoodhair) #4: Piecey Pixie
It can be tempting to take the easy way out and leave your pixie cut alone — after all, didn’t you get your hair cut off so you can shave time off styling it? The truth it, it takes next to nothing to spruce your pixie ‘do. The easiest way to style it? Simply rub some hair wax between your fingers and run them through your hair to evenly distribute. This not only adds definition to your hair, it also creates texture and makes your hair look fuller. Image: Instagram (@katyperry) #5: Voluminous Blowout
Luscious hair is always sexy. So instead of fussing over how you should be curling your hair for perfect waves or flat-ironing it to get it pin-straight, forget all that and embrace your hair’s natural texture. To make the most of what you were born with, blow dry your hair with a diffuser as it adds soft and natural-looking texture to your hair instead of creating that perfectly coiffed look. If you’re running low on time, skip all that and just gather your hair in a top knot while you do your makeup and get dressed. Release your hair before stepping out and spritz on hairspray liberally to lock in style. Image: Instagram (@katiejanehughes)