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Headed To A Party? These Hairstyles Will Get You The Compliments

As you make your rounds this festive season, here are the best hair looks to rock.
Long Sleek Locks
Take your cue from Bella Hadid and ask for an ultra-sleek, straight blowout. Though seemingly simple, it still makes a great statement as it flaunts healthy hair perfectly. To repel humidity, make sure you have some hairspray and shine spray at home so you can just give your tresses a quick mist before heading out the door to keep the style locked in all night long. Image: Instagram (@bellahadid) Voluminous Blowout
If you are all about that fuss-free life but still prefer something with more volume, ask for a voluminous blowout like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s. Suitable for all hair lengths, it instantly gives the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. For those with super fine hair, your stylist might have to tease the roots slightly to get that root lift. Image: Instagram (@theouai) Wavy Bob
There’s probably no style that you can’t achieve if you have a long bob like Chrissy Teigen. For those who like a little extra texture, ask your stylist for curls that start somewhere around where your ears are. Easy to maintain, you can easily refresh the style by scrunching the curls to revive them any time throughout the night. Image: Instagram (@chrissyteigan) Romantic Embellishments
No time to see your stylist? Jazz up your ‘do instantly with a delicate crystal band like Emma Stone. Whether you wear your hair down or in an updo, this is a great and easy way to glam things up. Image: Instagram (@mararoszak) Take A Bow
Simple and elegant, another way to embellish your look is with an understated black bow. And since this is such a pared-down approach, opt for a ribbon in a luxe texture like lace, velvet or tulle. Image: Instagram (@alexgaboury) Slick Strands
Feeling adventurous? Ask your stylist for a slick wet hair look. Best for those with short to medium hair lengths, it the perfect addition of rock ‘n’ roll toughness to an otherwise feminine outfit. Image: Instagram (@nina) Just Add Pearls
If you’ve going with your usual updo, take things one step further by adding pearl pins for a refined take on hair embellishments. Image: Instagram (@maneaddicts) A Touch of Japan
Reference the way geishas and samurais used to keep their hair tidy and ask your stylist to create a simple yet striking graphic look using Japanese paper string. We just love how the white string stands out on black Asian hair! Image: Instagram (@tomokono_wig) Textured Pixie
Rocking a pixie is a statement in itself as it speaks volume of a woman’s confidence. To get your hair party-ready, all you have to do is rub pomade or wax between your palms and brush your hands through your hair to rough it up and add texture. Finish with some hairspray to hold the style in place and don’t forget some dramatic earrings. Image: Instagram (@maneaddicts) Sleek Updo
Nothing says glamour better than a sleek updo, especially when you want to let your dress to do all the talking like Camila Coelho. Image: Instagram (@camilacoelho) Braided Ponytail
Can anything be more fun than a braided ponytail? Fuss-free and low-maintenance, all you have to do is fasten your locks into a high ponytail, braid it and forget about it! Image: Instagram (@gigihadid) Dramatic Turban
Turn heads with a fabulous turban. Opt for one that has a bold print or choose something that is made of silk or satin to up the luxe factor. If you’re truly feeling yourself, go all out by embellishing your turbans with bejewelled brooches and pins. Image: Instagram (@thewraplife)