1. Coconut oil

For health: Rich in healthy saturated fats, coconut oil can give your body an energy boost and even speed up the fat burning process – a reason why it is often consumed in keto diets. As a healthy saturated fat, it increases the level of good cholesterol in the blood, reducing the risk of heart disease. It even has benefits for the brain as it has been found to ward off neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

For beauty: The essential fatty acids in coconut oil contribute to overall skin health, making it supple, well hydrated from the inside out and even plumping up and smoothing out fine lines. It also boasts antimicrobial properties, which is said to prevent acne and breakouts.

Try: Cocomomo 100% Cold Pressed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, $14.90, from https://www.ohcocomomo-coconutoil.com, Some Days At Home and Lazada.

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Each single shot of 5ml sachet, the size of a fast food chilli sauce packet, is perfect for bringing on the go to add to your coffee, smoothie, in your salad as a dressing or even as a substitute for butter on toast. How convenient.

2. Amino acids

For health: Amino acids are compounds that when combined, form proteins, essentially making them the building blocks of the body, from skin to muscles, so such supplements are common in sports nutrition. By supporting the body with amino acid supplements during and post exercise, it enables faster recovery, better endurance and the efficient building of lean muscle by boosting protein synthesis.

For beauty: Not surprising, by consuming amino acid supplements, similar to consuming collagen supplements, skin quality can be improved as the skin’s healing and rejuvenation process is facilitated by the availability of amino acids. With a diet rich in amino acids, you may see improvements in skin recovery post-acne, and also better skin quality in terms of texture, smoothness and firmness.

Try: aminoVITAL Gold 4000mg, $49 per box or $2.90 per pouch, from Nishino Pharmacies and online at Superfit.

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These made-in-Japan sports nutrition products feature 100 per cent plant based amino acids that give the body and skin the resources it needs to recover, heal and optimise protein synthesis. The brand is a partner of the Singapore Swimming Association and these aminoVITAL products are used by Singapore’s national swimmers.


3. Berries

For health: As a health food, berries have a multitude of benefits. They are loaded with antioxidants, are high in fibre as well as in several key vitamins and minerals. This makes berries helpful to improve blood sugar and insulin response, fight inflammation, lower cholesterol and prevent cancer and heart diseases.

For beauty: With so many vitamins and minerals, plus antioxidants, it is no surprise that the consumption of berries is also superb for the skin. Vitamins and minerals play a part in keeping skin nourished and functioning optimally and antioxidants fight free radicals preventing damaging factors both internally and externally from harming the skin.

Try: Brand’s Innershine Berry Essence, $26.90 for 12 bottles, from Brand’s.

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It has seven kinds of berries – strawberry, chokeberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, cranberry, elderberry and acaiberry – all chockfull of vitamins A, C and E, plus zinc. This combination of vitamins and zinc is also great for eye health.

4. Oat milk

For health: Oat milk is a dairy-free, plant-based alternative to cow’s milk. It doesn’t have the allergens such as lactose found in other types of milk, so it’s great for people with allergies. Oat milk contains beta-glucans, a soluble fibre that offers heart health benefits.

For beauty: Oat milk is good for gut health which in turn improves all bodily functions, so even skin may look healthier and glowing.

Try: Biogreen Pink Lady Dairy Free Oatmilk sachets, $12.60, from Redmart.

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This pink coloured drink combines oat milk, grains, beans, nuts and and beetroot extracts in a convenient sachets so you get the benefits on the go. The addition of beetroot, which is a source of iron and folic acid to boost blood count for healthy circulation, makes your skin look rosier. Plus, the oatmilk is certified organic and preservative-free.