hera makeup

hera makeup

Current makeup trends in Korea

Han Woori (HW): “The semi-matte finish is getting very popular but interestingly when it comes to lips, glossy finishes are coming back in trend. Traditional matte lipsticks are still very popular but right now, glossy, metallic and glitter finishes are all the rage.”

Popular makeup colours

HW: “Corals are timeless when it comes to Korean makeup. But when it comes to lipsticks, matte red and orange shades are very popular. The Rouge Holic Exceptional in #333 is an orangey red that always gets sold out. For eyeshadow, pearlescent coral hues are always very popular. The Shadow Duo in #21 is our best-seller. ”

Tips to create a fuss-free makeup look

HW: “The first step is to always use a cushion compact. Opt for one that has sunscreen and skincare ingredients in it. I will then use the Rouge Holic Exceptional as a blusher and lipstick. Lastly, I would apply mascara and fill in my eyebrows.”

Common makeup mistakes Asian women make

HW: “For eyebrows, many Asian women only use one colour and product to draw and fill them in. This actually makes it too waxy and looks too dark. For base makeup, some still choose the wrong (usually brighter) shade.”

Arched eyebrows are in

HW: “Straight eyebrows used to be everywhere three to four years ago but now, many South Koreans prefer a natural arch. They find that straight eyebrows looked too masculine and a natural arch is more feminine.”

One step the South Koreans will never skip in their makeup routine

HW: “I would say using a moisturise that boosts the effects of makeup. There are so many creams on the market but the Rosy Satin Cream has a velvety texture that really hydrates inner layers of your skin but it does not leave your skin greasy or dewy. Instead, it gives a satin finish that even doubles up as a primer. Applying cushion and lipstick are also some key steps they won’t miss out on.”

hera makeup

hera makeup

hera makeup

Favourite makeup products from the brand

HW: “It is really hard to choose but one of them has definitely got to be the Black Cushion. I really like the burgundy shade from the Rouge Holic Shine series and for the Exceptional range, I really love the red colours. For skincare, the Hera Cell Essence is my favourite.”

Hottest eye makeup look now

HW: “When it comes to eyeliner, the South Koreans don’t really fancy a wing. Instead, they prefer a straight line that follows their eye shape to really elongate their peepers. They also use a brown coloured eyeshadow as an eyeliner and smudge it out. It is a huge trend in Korea now.”

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