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Here's How You Can Treat Pigmentation With Aesthetic Treatments

With the range of aesthetic treatments available to reduce pigmentation, there is one option that stands out from the rest.

Mizu Aesthetic Clinic

aesthetic treatments for pigmentation

Mizu Aesthetic Clinic uses a computerised software to identify spots and the depth of pigmentation to better target the dark spots using lasers. This also allows them to monitor progress over subsequent visits. Plus, Dr YZ Tan, founder and medical director of Mizu Aesthetic Clinic is the regional trainer (which means he trains other doctors) for Discovery Pico, a type of pico laser machine so you can be sure you’re in safe hands. Psst, popular local influencers such as Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly) and Xinlin Khaw (@xinlinnn) are some of those who go to Dr Tan for frequent laser treatments to keep their skin in great condition.

At #B2-12 Marina Bay Link Mall, tel: 6634 4033.

Prive Clinic

aesthetic treatments for pigmentation

Medical director of Prive Clinic, Dr Karen Soh, is one of the first in Singapore to bring in the Discovery Pico laser machine. She’s also the appointed president of the Association of Women Doctors (Singapore) and has a host of credentials under her belt. She’s professional and experienced, and a good doctor to check out if you’re looking for a centralised yet quieter clinic (at Palais Renaissance) to do your aesthetic treatments. They also have an outlet at Nex.

At #03-03 Palais Renaissance, tel: 9848 2888 & #02-28 Nex, tel: 9171 3328.