A multi-hyphenate who leads a hectic life, Oon Shu An is a theatre actress and host who’s not a stranger to long hours and little time for self-care. She shares that starting next week, she will start shooting for the second season of local drama – Yes Madam – that’ll be directed by Michelle Chong and Alaric Tay. She will be playing the role of a heart-broken girl who enters the army in an attempt to win back the heart of her ex-boyfriend. In between acting and hosting fashion and beauty events, the pressure is on her to look fresh both on-screen and off-screen. Below, her tips and tricks to achieving and maintaining her spotless complexion.

What does your daily nighttime skincare routine look like?

Oon Shu An (OSA): Firstly, cleanse. I have to emphasise on cleansing because sometimes I’m naughty and I don’t, but it’s very important. I’ve cut that down a lot though. I always remove my makeup, cleanse, then I put on Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum. And on days where I really need it, I’ll use the Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate and a mask. Sometimes, I use Estee Lauder’s Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion before I use the serum.

What’s one skincare step that you will never skip despite your hectic schedule?

OSA: The Advanced Night Repair Serum because it packs a lot of moisturising properties and it also is very light, easy to use and convenient. On days where I’m very, very lazy, I just use it as an all-in-one product. I’ll use it especially when I go travelling because it’s ridiculous to carry a ton of skincare products in your luggage that’s already heavy. That’s why I prefer to have a small number of really hardworking products.


What are your top three skincare tips to flawless skin?

OSA: I would say sleep a lot, moisturise and drink water. Water is very important. If you’re someone who doesn’t get to sleep a lot, I guess the most practical tips would be to cleanse, moisturise and drink a lot of water.

How do you prep your skin to be red-carpet ready?

OSA: I think exfoliation is very important and so is keeping hydrated. The Intense Reset Concentrate is really great as a quick fix because it’s a miracle worker. It helps to smoothen the skin, minimise the pores and make the skin a lot clearer, so that’s a great thing to have on hand. There’s also the Advanced Night Repair PowerFoil Mask that works like magic. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must.


Your skin seems to have always been flawless. Has there been a time where you’ve suffered from problematic skin? What did you do to combat that?

OSA: I think a lot of us have been trained to pick out the bad things about our skin, so we are always zooming in on every imperfection. Actually, doing that can make us more stressed because there’s so much pressure to be perfect all the time. In the past week, I’ve been breaking out because it’s the time of the month and it’s a hormonal thing. As I got older, my skin started to change because the hormones started to rebalance and I started to get cystic pimples, which are things I’ve never gotten in my life before. When it first started happening, I definitely stressed out. Then, it’s about finding things that work for you and finding solutions and having them readily on hand. If you’ve tried everything you can and it’s still not working, then I try to not think about it so much. This time around, I told myself “You know what? It is what it is.” I know it’s easier said than done but stress will also cause your skin to act up more. What I like to do is to have what I call “magic things” on hand, so that I know I can do a quick fix if I need to. I like to have the Advanced Night Repair, Advanced Night Repair PowerFoil Mask and also pimple patches on hand. 

What happens to your skin when you’re lacking sleep and how do you deal with it?

OSA: It looks really tired, parched and sometimes, a bit lifeless. I find that water, masking and the Advanced Night Repair really helps. I know that’s my answer to everything but it really helps my skin. Honestly, sleep is the best remedy but sometimes it’s really hard. So, maybe a face massage? It’s quite good at stimulating your muscles, getting some colour into your face and reducing the puffiness as well.

What do you love about the Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate?

OSA: I love that it works in an hour. I love that it’s very lightweight; it’s like a gel emulsion and you don’t have to put on that much, especially if you don’t like your skin feeling too heavy. Actually, I also love that it smells nice. It smells really good and it’s quite small and handy, so I can just throw it in my purse. When I’m travelling, I can pack it quite fast too. And I like that it works at night. You can use it in the daytime too because it works in one hour, so it’s really quite awesome. I really see the difference because my skin smoothens out, looks clearer and is brighter.

What’s one tip to applying it?

OSA: This is something that’s recommended to me by one of Estee Lauder’s makeup artists. If you only have your Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate, you can use 3 to 4 times the amount and use it as a mask and seal everything in with a spray. Otherwise, I sometimes put it on my neck and the rest of my hands because it smells so good.

What does being truly confident in your own skin mean to you?

OSA: It sounds really cliche, but it’s really learning how to love yourself and how to accept who you are. I think that’s a process that honestly, I don’t even know if I can say that I know how to do that. It’s something that I’m personally working on and it’s tough, but it comes from being able to love yourself and trusting your worth.