Sensitive skin girls: take heart, because the Australian luxury beauty brand will be releasing its answer to sensitive skin at the end of this month. After its current hydrator offerings that are catered towards combination and dry skin types, Aesop will soon have something for sensitive skin as well. The upcoming Seeking Silence Facial Hydrator – like all other Aesop products – will smell amazing. The soothing hydrator that’s said to quieten the discomforting sensations of sensitive skin will smell woody and herbaceous. Below, just three reasons that’ll make it have a permanent spot in your #shelfie.

1. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy

Above all, a good moisturiser must be able to hydrate well, but the feeling that it leaves afterwards has a big part to play on whether it makes it to top-shelf status. What we look for in a moisturiser (apart from its ability to hydrate)? How comfortably it sits on the skin, of course. This one from Aesop features a soft, non-greasy finish which makes it suitable for both daytime and nighttime use after your skin is toned.

2. You won’t be able to relate to sensitive skin woes after using it

If you’ve been living with sensitive skin, you would probably be no stranger to how it feels like by now. We’re talking about the uncomfortable itching or burning sensation when your skin gets triggered, or the sheer inconvenience of flaking, red skin. Which is why this formulation sees the inclusion of two ingredients that are new to Aesop – one’s Dunaliella salina extract – a green micro-algae that’s rich in antioxidants, and the other one’s narcissus tazetta extract – an extract from dormant daffodil bulbs. When used simultaneously, these two soothe skin irritation and reduce redness. Joining the blend is ginger root and bisabolol that both bring a sense of calm and comfort to sensitive skin.

3. Plus, it will nurse your skin back to tip-top condition

Skin reactivity can be attributed to a damaged skin barrier. With a skin barrier that’s damaged, the skin won’t be able to protect itself against pollution, smoke, UV rays and other skin stressors. What can help repair and restore the skin barrier are ingredients like glycerin, ceramides and squalene – that are all known to replenish moisture levels and rebuild the skin’s structure. Featuring saccharide isomerate (an effective moisturiser) and squalane, this hydrator helps to prevent flakiness and skin dryness, while supporting the maintenance of skin barrier integrity. Once the skin’s barrier is healthy, its ability to defend itself is restored again. Translation: your skin will be much more resilient and less prone to being sensitised.