Hermes has added another creative director into its stable of metiers. The French house announced on January 25 the appointment of Greek makeup artist Gregoris Pyrpylis, 35, to helm its expanding Hermes Beauty universe which was launched in March 2020.

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While Pyrpylis’ name might not ring a bell for most, the Greek native has built an illustrious career in the beauty business that stretched back as far 2006 and is today the go-to artist for stars such as Alexa Chung and Leila Bekhti.

Credit:Paul Schmidt

In a statement, Hermes Beauty’s newly-appointed creative director Gregoris Pyrpylis said that he has always viewed make-up and skincare as a means and not an end. He noted: “Beauty objects are marvellous tools that go beyond appearance to benefit wellbeing.”

Raised in a family of pharmacists, he read English in university but went on to carve a career in beauty – first as a makeup artist for M.A.C. Cosmetics before moving to Paris in 2012 to assist legendary makeup maestro Tom Pecheux.

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As a testament to his talent in enhancing skin, Pyrpylis was made a spokesperson for Bioderma in 2015, holding the honour as the first-ever makeup artist to represent a skincare brand. Three years later, he snagged the role of ambassador for Shiseido in Europe.

His new role at Hermes will see him contributing greatly to the creation of new collections as well as the development of Hermes Beauty’s existing lines: the Rouge Hermes, Rose Hermes and Les Mains.