I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m quite the fanatic when it comes to Hermes. My room has two “towers” made of stacked orange boxes so I can get easy access to all my favourite Hermes bags. I also follow a ton of the brand’s fan pages on Instagram and once even visited eight of its stores in a single day when in Tokyo. So obviously when I heard a new fragrance named after the fashion house’s popular silk Twillys, I just had to have a whiff of it.

My first impression of the Twilly d’Hermes EDP was “it’s so cute!” Designed by Florence Manlik, the women behind the brand’s iconic scarves, the square cut bottle sat underneath a cap made to resemble an oversized bowler hat. And as a finishing touch, a colouful silk ribbon (the brand refers to it playfully as a spaghetti) is tied around the neck of the bottle, giving it a distinctive Hermes feel with an impish touch.

Fangirling aside, with eight years of experience as a beauty editor, I decided to put the scent to the test. Designed with young women in mind, Hermes’ perfumer Christine Nagel wanted to create something cheerful and multi-faceted. To do so, she chose three distinctive ingredients – ginger, tuberose and sandalwood – and gave them her own spin.

“I decided to make ginger my backdrop, my canvas. Ginger is usually used as a trace ingredient in perfume, and for its fresh characteristics. Here, I’ve employed it in abundance; so it becomes biting, burning hot,” says Nagel. “Tuberose is an unsettling, pervasive flower with a strong signature that you either love or hate. I have shaped this flower, which is green and responsive in olfactory terms, to make it generous and radiant. Sandalwood is a tender, milky wood. I wanted it to be assertive and strongly marked, and I have brought out its animal, carnal aspects.”

When you first spritz on the perfume, you immediately smell a fresh sweetness that mellows to a warm, slightly spicy scent within seconds. Give it a few more minutes to settle on your skin, and what you get is a luscious fruity-floral with a slight peppery kick. It’s definitely one of the most unique and evolving fragrances I’ve ever come across and I love how it’s the perfect mix of fresh yet sophisticated with a bite.

The Twilly d’Hermes EDP is available now at all Hermes boutiques, from $107 to $221.

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