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The High Street Fashion Brands With Their Own Awesome Makeup Collections

These fashion labels are slaying the makeup game too

Raise your hand if you love both fashion and beauty. We thought so.

These days, fashion designer labels are no longer contented with just sticking to the tried and tested fashion beat. Many have broken into the beauty market and are nailing it with their own makeup products: Think Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Some luxury designer labels are also venturing into fragrances, for example, Prada, Gucci and Jimmy Choo, while others such as Jason Wu, Alexander McQueen and Moschino’s Jeremy Scott are teaming up with makeup brands such as Lancôme and MAC for special collaborations.

But it’s not just high-end brands that are jumping onto this bandwagon. Wallet-friendly high-street brands too see the value in launching their own cosmetics, which is good news for us, since it won’t break the bank. We’ve rounded up six high-street fashion labels, from Zara, H&M to Pomelo Fashion, that have their own kicka** makeup lines that work really well, especially given their reasonable price points.

Next time you head into H&M, don’t just make a beeline for its newest releases or collaborations in its apparel section, such as the recent one with Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things. Head towards its beauty counters instead, where you’ll find products including foundations, blushes, eyeshadows and lipsticks. You can even complete the beauty routine with face body scrubs, washes and fragrances, among many others. The H&M Beauty collection is available at its stores, including its flagship one in Grange Road.   Zara
Zara is known for its stylish yet affordable clothing that’s especially great for work. The same principle can be said of its makeup line. It currently consists only only of lipsticks — in liquid, bullet and crayon forms and with matte, satin and gloss finishes — and fragrances. The lip products, which cost upwards of £4.99 (S$8.51) for a lip liner, in particular, were created by makeup maestro Pat McGrath to have high pigmentation and colour payoff. Sadly, we’ll have to wait till they hit our shores as the Zara lipstick lineup is only available in the States and Europe (its fragrances are sold here). Topshop
With its sleek black and chrome packaging, Topshop’s beauty offerings can probably pass off as a brand sold in Sephora. But besides the gorgeous packaging, the cruelty-free makeup is celebrated for its quality and its diverse range of products — from lipsticks to highlighters to nail polishes. Fun fact: The entire Topshop beauty line was discontinued in early 2018, but it was reintroduced in November the same year with brand new sleek packaging, and we’re glad they came back. True to Topshop’s price range, the collection ranges between £5 to £16 (S$8.53 to S$27.28). They’re currently available via Topshop’s UK website and guess what? They ship to Singapore. Asos
Besides stocking a whole slew of international beauty labels on its website, did you know that e-tailer ASOS also has its own beauty line? Launched in September 2017, the collection is named Face + Body. Beyond its slick, Insta-worthy packaging, Face + Body has everything you need to create a full face sans base products (i.e. foundation and concealer). So if you’re looking for a new primer, eyeshadow palette, lipsticks or even liquid highlighters, give ASOS Face + Body a shot. Plus, they’re aimed to be affordable — their eyeshadow palettes are the most expensive and come in at S$22.23 a pop. ASOS Face + Body is available via ASOS’ website.