H&M Conscious Exclusive Perfume Oils

Conscious Exclusive is a key part of the Swedish multinational retail company’s move towards a more sustainable future. Across H&M’s entire offering, 20 per cent are now made from sustainable materials, with the goal each year to increase the share. All of the Conscious Beauty products have also been awarded with an organic Ecocert certification, which means at least 95 per cent of the total ingredients in the product must be from natural origin, water included, and at least 10 per cent of the total ingredients must be from organic farming.

H&M’s 2017 Conscious Exclusive collection will be releasing a range of three ecological unisex perfume oils that can be worn individually, or mixed to create a unique scent. The three ecological perfume oils, which have been given organic certification by Ecocert, come in roll-on bottles to make it easy to apply and/or to mix together to create an exclusive scent that is entirely personal to the wearer.

“I love the Conscious Exclusive ecological perfume oils, which capture the inspiration that we found in the human senses,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M’s Head of Design and Creative Director. “Each of the three scents is beautiful on its own, and creates something totally unique and personal when combined together.”

The oils are constructed around three different scent groups – floral, fresh and woody. Rouge Pivoine combines top notes of bergamot, rose and pear with a middle of peony and geranium. At its base are freesia, tea and cedar. The fruity Lemon Amour opens with orange, lemon and bergamot notes, with a middle of lemongrass and lime, finishing with a base of apricot and melon.

The woody Vert Douce starts off with top notes of sweet orange and galbanum, before mellowing to a middle of green leaves, rose and tea leaves. The finishing touch is a base of cedar and cypress. The Conscious Exclusive Perfume Oils will be available at H&M Orchard Building from April 20.


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