Unlike Rihanna’s latest VOGUE cover, full, thick feathery brows are the dream. With beauty technology like microblading and brow extensions, it all seems within reach, but what if you’re just looking to grow your sparse brows out?

Like the hair on your head, brows grow in cycles; there’s shedding, dormant, and growth. The trick is to find something that prolongs the lifespan of each brow hair to stop shedding, stimulate follicles during the dormant stage to encourage bountiful growth.

Here are some products that may help your arches become as well-endowed as Cara Delevingne’s.

Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Conditioning Gel, $76


From the brand that created a much-raved about lash serum comes a botanical-based brow growth serum formula that stimulates growth and restores existing hair follicles from the root of your brow hair. It has a nifty doe foot tip so you can dab the serum on.

Revitalash RevitaBrow Advanced, $174

Sure it costs a pretty penny, but use it consistently and diligently, and you’ll see your brows grow. Using a proprietary blend of peptides, botanical extracts, and nutritive vitamins this serum protects against brittleness and breakage. Apply with care only within your brow perimeter though, or you might start sporting arches like Frida Kahlo if your application is too liberal.

VegaBrow, US$59.95 (S$82.75)

Remember that time when you were 15 and accidentally shaved a chunk of your eyebrow, and it never grew back? Using ingredients like zinc and biotin, this vegan serum stimulates your brows’ hair follicles to skip out of their dormant phase, which means they’re constantly growing. You might find your growth patchy but the key is to leave it alone as plucking can harm and even destroy follicles for good.

Lashfood Brow Enhancer, US$90 (S$124.29)

With a formula rich with medicinal herb extracts that work to prevent hair loss and trigger regrowth, a tube of this stuff will last you three months if used every night. Remember to retire your tweezing, threading, or waxing rituals during the grow-out period no matter how scraggly you think your brows look!

Main image: Showbit.com