Getting perfect brows is the hardest task. We’re pretty sure there are scientists who launch rockets into outer space but still can’t get their eyebrows on fleek. If you’re tired of your monobrow or you’ve finally decided you need to get your brow grooming routine right, we’ve consulted the brow queen herself, Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills to help you figure out how to navigate
the eyebrow realm — so your arches will no longer be enemies.

#1: Start with stencils

Remember when you had shape stencils to practice your diamonds and triangles? For newbies, Anastasia says that “the best way is to use our Stencils and to reference our Golden Ratio® method that indicates where the eyebrow should begin, end, and have the highest part.”

“Start by looking in the mirror and establish those three points. Take a Stencil and if you can fit most of your natural brow within the open areas of the Stencil, then that is the Stencil for you.”

“Once that is done, you start by filling in the Stencil with Brow Powder Duo using Brush 7B. Remove the Stencil and then tweeze the hairs that lie outside of the powder area (what remains should be the shape of your eyebrow). Blend in the powder using the spoolie, and then detail the brows using Brow Wiz® in order to create a finished look. Use Highlighting Duo Pencil to highlight and define the brow bone. Blend again and finish with either Tinted Brow Gel or Clear Brow Gel.”

#2: Don’t be afraid to use more than one product

Typically, we’d reach for a pomade, or an eyebrow pencil, but Anastasia recommends two. “We like to use one product that is lighter than the eyebrow hair as the base. And then, we use a second product in one shade darker to create strokes of hair for detailing.”

#3: If you’re tweezing your brows at home…

It sounded simple enough, until I decided to take my brows into my own hands. You see, I was tired of brow salons messing up my brows — I needed to learn how to shape them, and not fork out $25 every time my eyebrows look like they belong on my uncle more than they do on me (read: unibrows).

Anastasia cautioned to not “tweeze too much in between the eyebrows. And don’t tweeze too much of the overall eyebrows thinking that this will open up the eyes, because you end up shortening the eyebrows, which then creates an imbalance among your features.”

I avoided that slippery slope by tweezing only under my natural arch. I’m not a fan of Instagram brows and I wanted to follow my bone structure and my natural eyebrow shape as much as possible. Brush 7B was a dream to use — despite my jittery hands, I applied the pomade with ease, and efficiency, like I’ve been doing this for years. However, if you’re afraid of messing up, their Brow Wiz gives you
more control, and is of course, much handier to take with you.

Also, remember to use a light hand. Anastasia warns, “When you fill in, don’t apply too much product on the inner part of the eyebrow. This area should always be created using lighter strokes, less pressure—like what we call the ombré eyebrow. You could use more product and more pressure from the
highest point toward the end, but the inner part of the eyebrows should always be done lighter. Use less pressure. This is true whether you apply powder or pencil or DIPBROW® Pomade. Always build up toward the end of the brow.”

Feature image: Showbit