Whether you’ve had a heartbreak and chopped off all your hair, or your hairstylist just managed to convince you on a whim, growing out a pixie can be quite arduous with a lot of awkward lengths in between. Here are some tips to help you grow it out, without pulling all of it off.

#1: Don’t Be Afraid of Getting Haircuts

We know it sounds like it’s going against what you’re actually trying to do, but hear us out — it’s all about where you’re cutting your hair. While you’re not touching the top when you’re first growing it out, you should take length off the back and sides to avoid looking like a mushroom. Once the top most parts of your hair grow longer, things will even out everywhere else.

#2: Don’t Let Hair Party Too Much in the Back

While the hair at the back of your head doesn’t grow faster, it seems that way because it has a shorter distance to appear looking like it’s longer. To avoid the mullet phase, once your sides and tops have started to grow in, start getting the back cut to match up with the rest of your length. Let mullets remain in the past and never ever return.

#3: Add Texture

The torture happens when you’re in between a pixie and a bob. Things aren’t quite matching up and all you want to do is tie up your hair… but it’ll just look like a duck’s tail. Use a texturising spray or a curling iron to disguise disparities in length.

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#4: Use Accessories

Whether it’s bobby pins, straw hats, or turbans a la Aarika Lee, arm yourself with them and throw caution in the wind when you’re rocking them. You need their help.

#5: Curb the Urge to Chop it All Off

When your patience falters and you feel the urge to cut, combat this temptation. Persevere girl, you’ll get reacquainted with your luscious locks again soon.