There’s nothing quite as frustrating as flat hair. Your makeup can get fixed quickly, your energy levels can be restored with a quick nap or caffeine but flat hair can pose quite the conundrum if you’re all ready to roll but your mane just won’t cooperate. Here are easy fixes for anybody with flat hair woes.

#1: Use a hair roller

You probably have never used this in your life, but you may be able to find it in your mom’s or grandma’s beauty kit. Fish out a hair roller and roll the front most section of your hair into the roller. Make sure the roots are rolled up to help the volume.

Keep it there while you’re getting ready, or even better, have it on for a few hours before you head out. Blast the rolled hair with the roller still in it with hot air from your hair dryer and load it up with hair spray if you want extra hold. Brush your hair out and you’re all set!

#2 Sleep in a scrunchie

If you can’t bear the thought of rocking the scrunchie outside the home, you’re in luck, Sleep with clean, damp hair tied on top of your head with a scrunchie. Your hair will dry lifted off the scalp, so you’ll have instant volume!

#3 Dry shampoo it up

It’s hard to relate to American beauty blogs who say you can dry shampoo the daylights out of fourth day hair and still pull it off. You’re going to be greasier than a piece of bacon if you did that in Singapore. What dry shampoo is amazing for though, is definitely to add volume. Coat your scalp with a layer of dry shampoo after you’re done blow drying your hair. Not only does it create a barrier to the oil that your scalp will produce, it also creates volume.