Anybody with oily eyelids know the dreaded line of makeup residue they’d get
along the eyelid fold at the end of the day. We’re all about loving yourself, but
this bacon grease-like situation isn’t exactly cute. Here are some tips to make
sure your eye makeup doesn’t melt off your face.

1. Start with a clean slate

Before any makeup application, make sure there’s no residual makeup, makeup
remover, or even skincare left on your lids from the night prior. You know the
double cleansing routine, now do it!

2. Don’t apply cream directly on your lids

On days when you are planning to wear eye makeup, avoid applying eye creams
too close to the lash line. Work them under your eyes, and definitely after hours,
but eye creams have emollient properties that can make it hard for eyeshadows
and eyeliners to stay in place.

3. Blot it

It may look weird using oil-absorbing sheets on your lids, but it’s absolutely
essential. Even the tiniest amount of grease can break down makeup from get go.

4. Prime ‘em

If you’re not already using eyeshadow primer, invest in one stat. These primers
act as a sealant between your skin and your eye makeup so the oils stay under
the primer and don’t interact with makeup. It also helps power up the
pigmentation of your eyeshadows, and give you that smooth eyelids on
Instagram look. Let the primer set before going all Matisse on your eyes.

5. Don’t forget setting spray

Who knew you needed so many products just for your peepers? Use a matte
setting spray to finish off your look to help you cut the shine all day.