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Here's How To Tackle Signs Of Aging On Your Neck

You know the drill — you have to take your skincare all the way down to your decolletage because aging goes beyond your face. But how many of us actually listen? From clinics to home care, here's how to tackle signs of aging on your neck

According to Dr Rachel Ho at La Clinic, “The skin of the neck is one of the thinnest in the body and this is also why signs of aging also can appear earlier than in our faces. General tips are to be consistent with sunscreen use and consider using retinoids (vitamin A). Retinoids help with cell renewal and increase collagen production in the skin and this helps to lighten pigmentation (age spots) and fine lines in the skin.”

If you’re experiencing skins of aging in the neck including vertical bands (also very unkindly known as turkey bands), horizontal lines, sagging and crepey skin and pigmentation and fine lines, these are some products and treatments that may actually help you out.

In the Doctor’s Office

Not gonna lie – we love our dermatologists. We think of them as modern day witch doctors with wands, potions, and occasionally needles that help us turn back the hands of time. 

Turkey Neck

If your neck’s looking like you should be getting ready to be the main course this Thanksgiving, Botox may be your answer, or specifically, the Nefertiti Lift treatment. According to Dr Rachel, “The vertical cords that are seen due to the platysma muscle. The platysma muscle is a superficial muscle that pulls the corners of the lips down when you grimace or say E with your teeth clenched. The action of this muscle becomes accentuated with aging. The overlying skin also thins with age due to collagen loss and this worsens the appearance of the vertical bands.” 

Dr Rachel explains that, “The Nefertiti Lift refers to the use of small amounts of Botox in the neck and along the jawline to treat the turkey bands and create a gentle lift along the jawline to reduce sagging in the jawline and neck.”

Necklace Neck, or Tech Neck

See the horizontal lines going around your neck? You have collagen loss, sun exposure, aging, and of course, repeated neck movements to look at our phones to blame. Dr Rachel drops the knowledge bomb, “Moisturising alone will not be sufficient to treat this. Although retinoids can help to a small extent, you’re looking at treatments that can build collagen in the deeper layers of the skin, including fractional CO2 lasers or treatments like Rejuran Healer or Skinbooster