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A Really, Really Detailed Guide To Acing Pink Makeup On The Daily

They can be feminine, elegant and surprisingly easy to pull off.

Gone are the days when wearing pink eyeshadows, or any pink makeup, was reserved for teenage girls. Pastel pinks with unflattering, chunky glitter pigments have since given way to a wide range of beautiful pink shades in a variety of textures such as pearlescent and metallics. Here, we examine three of our favourite celebrity looks and how you can create them for everyday wear:

Lucy Boynton at the 91st Academy Awards

Image: Instagram (@chantecaille)

Created by celebrity makeup artist, Jo Baker, the focus of Boynton’s look was her complexion, and the accents of pink on her lids, cheeks and lips were then applied to complement her skin. “I wanted to focus on glowing skin, to add colour without adding too much,” explains Baker. She used a sheer layer of foundation to even out Boyton’s skin tone before layering on a concealer to neutralise areas that showed signs of redness. Then, she dusted on an illuminating finishing powder, which Baker refers to as “a powder that isn’t too powdery, with sparkle that doesn’t sparkle too much”.

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