It wasn’t all that long ago when local brand Allies of Skin launched its first product, the 1A All-Day Mask. It’s the first ever quickfix skincare mask meant to be worn during the day, and at the risk of sounding dramatic (we can’t avoid it sometimes), the world took notice.

Allies of Skin now ships internationally through its own website, and is also stocked by other luxury retail giants like Mr Porter, Net-A-Porter, Bloomingdales and Barneys New York. That’s pretty darn impressive for a Singapore skincare brand.

Success aside, the most impressive thing about the range at Allies of Skin is how potent and deliberate the products are. while still being gentle enough for more sensitive or acne-prone skin. Allies of Skin is dedicated to drastically simplifying your skincare routine with a nutrient-packed product or two that can really make a difference to your skin.

If you’ve been an avid reader of herworldplus for a while, you’ve probably seen us rave about the Molecular Saviour Toner Mist and 1A Overnight Mask which launched soon after the day mask. We have nothing less than mad love for the trio and they’re quite frankly the perfect fuss-free skincare travel kit. Just grab your sunscreen and you’re good to go.

So imagine our excitement when we heard there was going to be a fourth addition to the range AND that it was another overnight product.


Enter the Allies of Skin Bright Future Overnight Facial. Simply speaking, it’s an overnight skincare peel that packs a hydrating punch. If you’ve ever used a skincare peel, you’ll know how satisfying it can be to reveal suddenly smooth and soft skin beneath the layer of dead skin cells and rough texture.

The overnight facial contains: a mix of slow-release glycolic and lactic acids that work to reduce blemishes and speed up cell renewal, the brand’s Ally-R formula of encapsulated stabilised retinol (which doesn’t irritate the skin), probiotics to tackle skin redness and strengthen your skin, as well as skin brighteners. That’s a whole lot of active ingredients in one tube.

Plus, all of this is housed in a high molecular pure hyaluronic acid gel which really works to plump up and hydrate your skin as well as protect it from free radicals. The gel is further activated by water, so you’ll want to give your face a nice mist after applying the gel. You could use the brand’s toner mist for a really amped up skincare boost, but any water-based face mist will do.

According to founder Nicolas Travis (who now has the most flawless and luminous skin you’ve ever seen), the overnight facial can be used three times a week, and he recommends using it without a break in between nights. He calls it the 30 second facial because it takes all of 30 seconds to apply. While you’ll notice a difference after the first night, the long term benefits are meant to kick in after the third. You should also use this product on its own (no other serums or creams needed) so the acids can do their thing, and always use a good SPF the morning after.


I’ve tried it two nights in a row so far, and the results are incredible. The morning after the first night I noticed my skin was smooth and plump, and that some congested spots that were turning into blemishes had gone back down. I couldn’t stop touching my face before I slapped on some toner.

Typically, even with an overnight peel my skin will get a bit rougher and dry over the course of the day, but after using this a second night, I haven’t noticed any new roughness or texture on my skin despite being halfway through the day. My skin for the most part is back to being acne-free, smooth, and very evened-out in tone which means I don’t even feel the need to put on a sheer foundation. And as a bonus, my pores are slightly more refined.

I know my skin is significantly more hydrated because it hasn’t gotten shiny since I put on my moisturiser six hours ago, which is always a sign my skin isn’t trying to overcompensate by producing excess sebum (which tends to happen about three hours into my day). Instead my skin just looks really healthy and smooth, which an incredible result just two nights after trying out the overnight facial. For the first time in my life, I almost feel like I have normal problem-free skin.

It retails at $159 for 50ml, and while that isn’t exactly affordable it’s not at the high end of the spectrum either. For the skincare benefits and the results it’s produced, there’s a high chance I’m going to repurchase it when I run out. Shop the range at alliesofskin.com.

This story first appeared on www.herworldplus.com

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