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These Hydrating Toners Are Essential In Every Skincare Routine

#1: Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Hydro Toner, $45, Sephora
Not only does this toner replenish skin with moisture, it is also formulated with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), which is a chemical exfoliant to gently remove dead skin cells and unnecessary keratin. #2: Innisfree Green Tea Seed Skin, $29
This absorbs quickly into the skin upon application to effectively hydrate and relieve tightness. It also contains extracts from a new green tea ingredient known as the “Beauty Green Tea”, which has a higher level of amino acids compared to its previous one to treat and hydrate damaged skin. #3: Fresh Rose Floral Toner, $63
With a formula that cools and hydrates skin, this soothing toner is made from rosewater (known for its calming and hydrating benefits) which work to remove impurities and clarify the complexion for healthier-looking skin. #4: Pixi Rose Tonic, $22, Sephora
Rich in antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients, this tonic helps to balance skin’s pH levels, minimise redness, hydrate and tone for a calmer, more even complexion. #5: Laneige Fresh Calming Toner, $40
Ideal for those with combination skin, this is infused with antioxidant-rich natural litchi extract and deep sea water to soothe, moisturise and restore skin’s natural balance. #6: Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Toner, $43
Suitable for dry skin types, this is formulated with allantoin, a natural soothing and conditioning agent that binds moisture effectively and menthol to cool and refresh skin. #7: Mamonde Rose Water Toner, $38
Known as one of the most popular product from the brand, this super hydrating toner is made with 90.89 per cent Bulgarian damask rose water, which absorbs quickly into the skin, making it ideal for those with oily or combination skin. #8: Biotherm Biosource Hydrating and Softening Toner (For dry skin), $44
More than a simple toner, it works as an exfoliant, ridding your skin of impurities and dead cells, while keeping skin moisturised for a radiant and plumper complexion. #9: Shiseido Waso Fresh Jelly Lotion, $45
This alcohol-free, gel-to-liquid softening lotion helps restore moisture to skin for a dewier and plumper complexion. It is also made with white jelly mushroom to treat enlarged pores while delivering rich hydration. Like this? Check out this facial that will give you a more radiant and slimmer face, why you need to add hydrogel masks to your beauty arsenal and 10 hydrating serums every skincare regime needs.