IDS flagship store

The homegrown skincare and aesthetic brand has welcomed the new year with an all-new flagship store that houses its second branch of IDS Clinic (the medical aesthetic clinic), the third branch of IDS Aesthetics (its medi-spa arm), as well as the fourth retail outlet for IDS Skincare (the shopping space). This simply means that you can now finally head down for some relaxing spa-like treatments, get your skin all prepped (and checked) at the clinic space and purchase some of the brand’s newest products all in the same store nestled conveniently along Orchard Road on the second floor of International Building. 

Spanning a total of 4,240 square feet, this is IDS’s largest brick-and-mortar space and features an open-concept storefront that is chic, modern and ultra cool, what with the brand’s signature blue, white, grey and black colourway peppering the entire space. 

IDS flagship store

In line with the brand’s founder Dr SK Tan’s vision, the medi-spa arm occupies an extensive 2,840 square feet space while the clinic takes up 1,400-square-feet space. The former comes equipped with 11 treatments rooms and two reception counters while the latter features four consultation rooms and five procedure rooms. Guests are also greeted by an expansive lounge where therapists offer in-depth consultations before they are guided to their private treatment rooms. A comprehensive retail display of IDS Skincare’s product range is also displayed for guests to take home the appropriate products post-treatment. 

ids flagship store

What else we love about the new flagship space? It now finally offers full body treatments (a first for the brand) with a series known as UFC, which stands for Ultherapy, FLX and Coolsculpt. 

The IDS Ultherapy aids in skin lifting and tightening by using an ultrasound energy to penetrate the superficial layers of the skin and results in immediate tissue contraction while the IDS Clinic Thermage FLX is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) therapy, which helps to smooth out skin and tighten it. Lastly, the IDS Clinic Coolsculpt treats visible fat bulges around the face and body. This procedure uses a one-of-a-kind technology that causes the stubborn fat under the skin to undergo cryolipolysis or more commonly known as fat freezing to freeze and kill fat cells.

Besides booking your next appointment for your skin, you can even opt for full body treatments for a pampering experience – what’s not to love? 

The IDS Flagship is located at 360 Orchard Road, #02-01 International Building (tel: 6450 3555).