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Check Out These Under The Radar But Incredible Korean Beauty Brands

If you're not on the K-beauty bandwagon yet, you're missing out - with so many brands and products, be it makeup or skincare, there is something for everyone. While we all know the big names, there are some smaller, less well-known (but equally good) Korean beauty brands that deserve our attention. Here are some of them.

#1: Hanskin

korean beauty brands

Image: @hanskinglobal_official’s Instagram

This innovative brand is actually not new – in the early 2000s, it came out with the very first BB cream, which then arguably heralded the era of said beauty product (big names such as Sulhwasoo, Etude House, The Face Shop and more have since launched their own version).

Though the brand’s “Super Magic BB Cream” still remains their most notable product, Hanskin has recently merged with biotech and pharmaceutical company Celltrion. What this means: well-researched, effective and high-quality products, ranging from brightening serums to eye creams. In particular, check out their Bio-Prism & Bio-Origin lines, which have a strong anti-ageing focus.