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5 Most Indulgent Facials That Celebrities Swear By

These are the facials that celebrities credit their glowing skin to.

Celebrities are known to be extravagant in their beauty routines. After all, regardless the push for skin positivity and the need to embrace one’s natural beauty, they are public figures who open themselves up to criticism (no matter how unwarranted) from anyone and everyone. And if there’s one thing that helps them appear fresh-faced in front of the camera, it’s flawless, glowing skin. Makeup plays an important part, of course. But good skin is the true key to looking great onscreen. The best celebrities know that, which is why they spend thousands of dollars on facial treatments. Here are some of the most indulgent ones we’ve heard of.

Irina Shayk’s 24K Gold Facial
Image: Instagram (@mimiluzon)   Gold is said to help improve microcirculation which not only increases the absorption of skincare that is applied after, but also improves cell regeneration for younger-looking skin. The precious element is also said to improve skin radiance, which is why it is used as an ingredient in many skincare products (both luxury brands such Chantecaille and affordable ones such as Bio-essence alike). Russian supermodel Irina Shayk is one of celebrity facialist Mimi Luzon’s many satisfied clients. The good news is that the facialist’s signature 24K Gold Treatment is available for purchase to use at home (unlike most of the almost-unachievable treatments here – either due to availability or cost) so you can ‘gram it to your heart’s delight; the not-so-good news is that it costs around $480 for a pack of four (from Revolve) treatment masks, which if you come to think of it, can likely get you a year or two’s supply of sheet masks if you were to buy them from the drugstore or masstige brands. Mila Kunis’ HD Diamond and Ruby Peel
Since the Black Swan star doesn’t have a social media account and has never addressed the rumour that she went for a US$7,000 facial (that’s a cool $10K in Singapore dollars, and it’s called the HD Diamond and Ruby Peel) before her 2011 Golden Globes appearance, we may never know if it’s part of her regular upkeep. However, since multiple US publications reported that her facialist Scott-Vincent Borba spilled the beans on the star’s indulgent treatment back then, it has made many headlines. Plus, beauty editors everywhere went to try out and dish on the treatment, which uses rubies (reportedly a potent antioxidant) and diamonds to slough off dead skin cells to increase skin radiance.   Jennifer Aniston’s Microcurrent Facial
According to US publication InStyle, the Hollywood star loves microcurrent facials. The electrical current is said to help stimulate facial muscles to help tighten and tone skin while accelerating cell repair. This is probably the most affordable facial on this list, with facial salons in Singapore offering treatments which incorporate micro-current therapy into the sessions, from $150 per session. But you’d be wrong if you think that’s the only thing Jennifer Aniston does to maintain her youthful look. She reportedly goes for regular skin-resurfacing lasers, which cost from $200 per session, and Thermage, a non-invasive skin-tightening treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to heat up skin’s deeper layers to stimulate collagen production, which can cost around $5,000 per session. Kate Middleton’s Bee Venom Facial
Image: Instagram (@kensingtonroyal)   Facialist to the Duchess of Cambridge, Deborah Mitchell reportedly told the UK’s The Telegraph that the Duchess went for the facial days before her wedding. This key ingredient, which is one of a few ingredients called “Nature’s Botox”, is said to plump up skin by tricking it into thinking it’s been stung (by bees, of course). Besides the Duchess, fashion mogul Victoria Beckham, American Idol judge Simon Cowell and pop star Kylie Minogue are also said to be fans of this facial or skincare products that have this ingredient.   Because bee venom is so difficult to extract (1g of it is said to be harvested from 200 bee hives), it is more expensive than gold. The facial itself is reported to cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000 per session.