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This Is One Of The Most Innovative Makeup Launches Ever

With its interesting packaging and unique products, the RMK FFFuture (Fast Forward Future) collection is definitely not your average makeup range. The Japanese brand collaborated with fashion designer Taro Horiuchi to create a limited edition range inspired by art, nature and music. With striking and unique hues, adorable cases (the eyeshadow palette looks like a long cube) and multi-tasking formulas, you’re sure to fall in love with this collection.

The RMK FFFuture collection will be available from mid-August 2017.

#1: RMK FFFuture Eyeshadow Palette, $65 each
This includes a set of four eyeshadow colours, including a white base colour. Inspired by the key gradients of white from a variety of fabrics – Cotton, Wool, Leather, Silk and Velvet – it expresses Taro Horiuchi’s vision in an artistic colour palette. Available in five colour combinations, it is perfect for both warm and cool skin tones. The lipstick shaped palette also comes with a built-in mirror and sponge tip that allows you to apply it on-the-go. #2: RMK FFFuture Cheek Stick, $45 each
We are obsessed with this handy multi- purpose game-changer. Just glide the creamy stick across your cheek, pat gently and watch as it melts and blends in effortlessly to leave a long-lasting, semi-matte finish. They can even be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter or even a colour control for skin. Baby Gold creates a natural contour; Future Red radiates a sensual aura while Blue White boosts clarity. #3: RMK Ingenious Liquid Eyeliner EX, $46 each
Sick of your usual black or brown eyeliner? Then Navy, which comes with a touch of twinkling stardust, is the way to go. Or if you prefer a soft and cool look, choose Metallic Mint. Alternatively, you can also enhance your makeup look with Silver. #4: RMK FFFuture Cheeks, $54 each
This helps you create the popular dewy, romantic look in just two simple steps. Start off by adding a little glow to your cheeks with the clear, creamy-textured colour. Then, finish by dusting some powder for a radiant flush. Choose Rose Stone for hues reminiscent of sweet Autumn days, or use Red Brick for that high fashion flush. This duo cheek palette also comes with a built-in mirror and sponge tip. #5: RMK Irresistible Glow Lip, $45 each
This hydrates your lips, leaving them glossy and moisturised. It comes in two new shades: Feminine Beige, a nude, pigmented ‘milky tea’ shade for natural allure and Baby Sky, a soft blue shade that glistens. #6: RMK Lip Jelly Gloss in Wonder Blue, $36 each
This rich gel lip product coats and plumps your puckers. This very special hue chosen by Taro Horiuchi combines the deep navy of a night sky with stardust shimmer. Like this? Check out the multi-purpose makeup palettes every girl needs, the prettiest rose pink and cream blushers for a natural flush and nail the no-makeup makeup look in just a few steps.