With most of us spending the bulk of our waking time on repetitive scrolling through our Instagram feeds, let’s face it – the endless slew of images can get repetitive sometimes. If you’re anything like us, we’d very much prefer to surround ourselves with content that is inspiring. And being the beauty fiends that we are, we’d also like to be surrounded by refreshing beauty content. So, here are the cool makeup accounts that we’ll be frequently stalking. You’re welcome.

1. @iseecaroline

This Norway-based photographer cum makeup artist posts daily eye looks that are intricate and mostly peppered with tiny flowers that make the eyes look like beautiful bouquets of flowers. They’re also of a myriad of different colours – be it warm tones, cool tones or eclectic pops of colours. Time to time, she also shares recipes to sweet treats like cookies on her Instagram stories – just another reason for you to tap on that “follow” button.


2. @marusa_savina_stylist

Her lips truly do not lie – about how talented this Russian makeup artist is. There’s something so satisfying about trawling through photo after photo of three-dimensional lip art. From bejewelled lips to mermaid lips, she’ll have you inspired to recreate a few looks in your own time. So the next time that you’re looking for a bold lip look, take a leaf out of Savina’s book – a vibrant red lip might not cut it anymore.


    3. @anatakonyourface


The account belongs to Ana Takahashi, a talented 20-year-old face painter who’s pictured above. Takahashi might be a beauty school dropout, but her talent speaks for itself. She has since amassed a great following of 36.6k followers on her Instagram account where she reinterprets anything – from famous art pieces to her favourite piece from Alexander McQueen’s A/W’16 collection – in the form of intricate face paintings.

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4. @designdain

South Korean illusion makeup artist Dain Yoon’s Instagram feed is full of herself and we mean that literally. Her works play on mind-bending optical illusions that will have you seeing double (or triple). It’s not surprising that one would think that her Instagram feed is a by-product of fantastic Photoshop skills. The 24-year-old believes her illusion art mirrors the way people experience the world because to her, “people live in illusions; people see everything in their own subjective way.” Since she uses her body as a blank canvas, you won’t just be getting makeup inspo here. There’s a bunch of intriguing nail art too.

5. @v93oo

v93oo isn’t just another Instagram account that posts outrageous beauty looks. It’s also a community where like-minded beauty creatives are highlighted and celebrated. Plus, it’s a great place to discover cool looks that you would otherwise never have thought of pulling off. And if you – like us – are sick and tired of seeing the same perfect, glamorous looks on your feed time and again, trust us when we say that this account will break through the monotony of that. In fact, it stands for the opposite of that. Mushtaq, who’s the brains behind this account, means for it to be a pro-anti-perfect space where people can escape to and be free of the ideal that makeup has to perfect. Here, no rules apply when it comes to makeup. It’s all about creativity and discovery.