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Irene Kim’s Makeup Artist Shares His Korean Beauty Secrets

You might not be familiar with Korean makeup artist Hyung Seok Yeo (@bali_seok) but you definitely would have seen his works. Some of his clients include South Korea’s biggest celebrities and K-pop stars including singer Lee Hyori and model Irene Kim. The Lee Dong Wook doppelganger who has been featured on renowned beauty television program, Get It Beauty, was in town for Singapore Fashion Week 2017.

To achieve the perfectly manicured visage of our favourite Korean stars, we spoke to Hyung Seok Yeo to pick up some of the most game-changing beauty tips the K-beauty world has to offer.


#1: Mix a gel type moisturiser with a cream type moisturiser
When it comes to skincare, it is important to be aware of your skin and its needs. What suits one skin type might not work for another skin type. Gel and cream moisturisers differ in their consistency and formula. While gel moisturisers are richer in hyaluronic acid, water content and glycerine, creams have more of an emollient base that works for individuals with dry skin. If your skin still feels parched and dry after applying moisturiser, the moisturiser you’re using might be too lightweight and is not able to penetrate your hydrate your skin. You might want to consider mixing your gel type moisturiser with a cream moisturiser if flaky and dehydrated skin is your main concern. #2: Arched instead of straight eyebrows
While the ‘no-arch’ straight thick brows have been super popular in the K-beauty world, according to makeup artist, Hyung Seok Yeo, the timeless bold and shapely arched eyebrows is making a comeback. To get A-list arches, it is crucial to know the starting and ending points of your eyebrows. Grab a brow brush or pencil and align it vertically from the centre of the nostril to the brow bone that will be the starting point of your brows. Tilt your brush or pencil and align it from the tip of your nose through the middle of your iris onto the brow bone, that will be the highest point of your brow. Your brows will end at the point where corner of your nose and outer corner of your eye align. #3: Choose a foundation or cushion that is slightly lighter than your skin tone
The hot and humid weather coupled with oxidisation could result in your makeup looking dull and dark by the end of the day. To prevent this from happening, opt for a cushion or foundation that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. #4: Pomade is the way to go
Rather than using a powder or pencil, for long lasting natural looking brows, try brow pomades. Compared to powder and pencils, pomades are more foolproof and you’re less likely to overdraw your brows. It will also shave time off your makeup routine because you can use the same pomade to thicken, shape and fill your brows.   #5: Sheet mask every morning to prep your skin for makeup
For your foundation to glide on seamlessly, your face has to be moisturised. Aside from applying a layer of primer and slathering on moisturiser, you might want to use a sheet mask before doing your makeup. Seok Yeo tells us that most Korean women kick off their skincare routine with a sheet mask in the morning.  He recommends using sheet masks from Mediheal for its hydrating properties. #6: Navy instead of black
Black smoky makeup is great for adding definition and drama but it can look a little too heavy on a day-to-day basis. An equally statement-making but more wearable alternative is a dark denim smoky eye that helps to add a little edge and hint of definition. #7: Smudged eyes and lips
According to Seok Yeo, this is the trend to look out for. This season’s eye and lip makeup is all about being deliberately stained and smudged in its application. For that stained and smudged lips effect, buff out your lipstick with a fluffy brush. Similarly to get that smudged eye makeup look, smudge your eyeliner with a tapered makeup brush. Images: Hyung Seok Yeo’s Instagram This story first appeared on Like this? Check out these 10 easy skincare tips for busy women, our list of the best Korean face masks to use and the best Korean moisturisers that’ll transform your skin.