J'Adore Absolu

The French maison’s signature fragrance was a floral scent, which comprises notes of Turkish rose, tuberose and orange flower. Now, the brand has revealed a new concoction that still keeps to its floral identity — but fruitier and fresher.

J'Adore Absolu
J’Adore Absolu Spray, $240

The new lush fragrance is made with rich, sensual and floral absolutes with a refreshing and luminous touch of lightness. Its main ingredients include jasmine sambac and Grasse jasmine. The former offers a familiar indolic yet delightful scent while the latter is well-known for its unique nuances with fruity facets and brings forth a floral richness. The flowers are said to be picked at just the right moment in the early hours of the morning when it is still damp with dew for maximum freshness and potency.

To add fruitiness to the composition, honeyed sensual rose (in both absolute and essential oil forms) are infused together with a new oranger note. For an added lightness and freshness, a potent magnolia absolute and aquatic floral note is mixed in.

Besides the new scent, the bottle too is a lot more elegant than before. While it retains its crystal-clear bottle, the golden necklace has been replaced with textured wave-like patterns. This new EDP is perfect as a gift to your BFF for the holiday season.