skincare tipsAnd that’s exactly what this Japanese skincare brand believes in. Known for being a mindful brand, Re:Erth is an advocate of a minimalistic skincare regime that is packed with benefits to help you achieve healthy, radiant skin.

The star ingredient the brand uses? Exclusive patented white and spring Japanese turmeric. The former inhibits the degradation of hyaluronic acid to ensure skin stays hydrated throughout and is also said to help stimulate cellular reproduction by up to 61 per cent for a plumper, smoother and more luminous complexion. The latter slows down melanin production to lighten dark spots and promote an even, more radiant skin tone. These active ingredients are delivered through a patented technology known as Lipodisq, which quickly transports actives into skin cells for quicker absorption.

We had a chance to talk to the founder of the brand, Shinji Yamasaki, where he shared his skincare tips and tricks for a healthier complexion.

Skincare trends

Shinji Yamasaki (SY): “I think Japanese cosmetics will have a resurgence across Asia. For a period of time, Korean cosmetics had a huge boom but I feel like people will be coming back to Japanese and be re-introduced to different Japanese brands. I also think vitamin A products will see a boom and I think people will be more drawn to simpler routines because people are busier. The 10 step programme for your skin is unrealistic for every day. Keep it simple. Use products that are effective and overall good for your skin so you don’t need 10-15 products.”

skincare tips

Most important skincare items all Asian women should have

SY: “A product that is easy to use for their skin type and gives multiple benefits. Asian women should also have a good sunscreen and a moisturiser that works in the environment they live in. For example in Singapore, it is humid and there’s lots of sun so you don’t want a heavy cream on your skin all day long as it’s going to stick to your skin. It’s just not practical.”

Skincare mistakes women make

SY: “They expect immediate results. It is important to know that these things take time and it’s all about consistency. Some skincare products take about a month or two for you to actually see results. Also, you should not use an exfoliator because you are essentially taking a layer of your skin off. Your skin is a barrier, it is designed to protect the other layers of your skin so if you take that top layer off, it means that you take that protection off and your skin will be on overdrive. This will lead to oilier skin over time and you are also opening up the possibility of uneven skin tone because your skin does not necessarily produce at the same rate. Some areas are going to heal faster than others and you’ll also have less protection from the sun. My tip: Just use a good cleanser.”

Skincare must-haves to combat the heat in Singapore

SY: “A good cleanser that won’t dry out your skin is crucial. If it strips away your essential oils, your skin will start over-producing excess oil in order to combat the dryness, which in turn leads to oily skin. Alcohol-free toners are important too as alcohol tends to dry skin out as well. Lastly, you need products that absorb into the skin really quickly so that they won’t leave a sticky feeling behind, especially since it is super humid here.”

skincare tips

Every skincare routine should have…

SY: “Re:Erth’s Multi-Targeted Elixir. It is designed to quickly absorb into the skin so you should use it straight after cleanser (no need for a toner) and you can easily add it to your existing routine. A good cleanser, serum and moisturiser are important too. Surprisingly, many people actually don’t use a serum but it is crucial as serums are designed to give you either one or multiple effects of targeted issues. A good serum should give you the effect you want.”

Favourite products from Re:Erth

SY: “The Clarifying Cleanser (it helps to balance pH levels and is great even for sensitive skin), Multi-Targeted Elixir (it minimises pores and boosts radiance) and Hydrating Gel Moisturiser (oil-free and fast-absorbing). I love these products because I personally use them daily and it works for me.”

Plans for 2018

SY: “In June, we will be releasing a limited edition travel pouch, which will contain the top three travel essentials (the Multi-Targeted Elixir, Hydrating Gel Moisturiser and the Purifying Bar). The Purifying Bar is a face soap that foams up like no other soap, similar to that of whip cream.”

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