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This Japanese Beauty Brand Has A Range Ideal For Singapore Weather

It's pretty wallet-friendly too.

Many of us living in Singapore would agree that our T-zone tends to get oilier than our cheeks (also known as the U-zone) because of the weather conditions here. And because we have combination skin types, it only means that we have to be more careful when curating our skincare regime and make sure to apply the right products on the right areas. While it may be pretty tough to find the best products, Japanese skincare brand Sofina has just made it a whole lot easier by creating a skincare line that targets individuals with oily T-zones and drier cheeks.

Known to create products that strengthen the innate ability of one’s skin to improve the overall complexion, the brand has recently brought in a new line to our shores, the Sofina Jenne. All the products in the new range combine hydrating and oil-controlling ingredients that have been based on more than 30 years of dermatological research. They are also made with plant extract and plant-derived ingredients like eucalyptus extract and tuberose polysaccharide to prevent the skin from getting oily and sticky while still imparting long-lasting moisture. Above, the four products from the collection you’ll want to add to your cart.

#1: Sofina Jenne Lotion, $26
Meant to be used as the first step in your skincare routine, this non-sticky lotion hydrates the skin by retaining moisture in keratin fibers in the stratum cornified cells. #2: Sofina Jenne Jelly Moisturiser, $29
Gel moisturisers are a must-have for people with combination skin. This is formulated with ceramides to replenish the natural lipids in our skin that gets lost from exposure to harsh environmental factors, like pollution, and during the ageing process. #3: Sofina Jenne UV Protection Emulsion SPF50+/PA++++, $26
This provides protection against both UVA (this penetrates deep into the dermis, which is the skin’s thickest layer) and UVB (affects the superficial layers of your skin) rays while controlling excess sebum production. #4: Sofina Jenne Moisturising Mist, $20
A hydrating mist that can be used over or under makeup to impart moisture to dehydrated complexions. Main image: