When you’re in your early 20s, your skin is able to recover and stay healthy no matter how many late night at work, and even later nights out partying, you have. Went to sleep with your makeup on? No worries, your complexion will bounce back after cleansing. Dryness due to a long plane ride? A simple hydrating mask will solve the problem.

However, once you get to your early 30s, skin hits a turning point. Suddenly, you notice fine lines and an increase in sensitivity. Your complexion feels drier and looks duller, and insufficient sleep shows obviously on your face. This is because as you transition from your 20s to your 30s, your skin goes through a transition too.

As you get older, your skin’s responsiveness declines. It is less able react to damage and heal itself. When this happens, it is important to make several changes to your skincare regime. For one, consistency is key. Because your complexion is less able to rebound from stress or changes, you can’t afford to skip important beauty steps.

Skipping your moisturiser is also no longer an option. Hydration not only helps to soften fine lines and plump skin so you look more youthful, sufficient moisture also strengthens skin’s protective barrier. Lastly, go for skincare that helps to boost your complexion’s energy levels so it will be more able to react and respond to damage and changes.

One to try is the new Shiseido Essential Energy range, which consists of three moisturisers with different textures. The line is inspired by neuroscience and works to reboots skin’s sensors deep below the surface to boost its responsive powers. The moisturisers all contain Ashitaba plant extract, which is known for its regenerative powers. The vitamin-packed plant helps to protect skin’s mitochondria (they are the energy “factories” in cells) from damage and boost energy efficiency of nerve cells so they are able to smoothly send signals. They are also infused with a cocktail of active ingredients like Citrus Unshiu Peel extract, bio-hyaluronic acid and pearl extract, the moisturisers help to boost skin’s energy levels so it is able to detect damage and encourage repair faster.

The moisturisers are made of microcapsules that break upon application to deliver moisture to the different layers of skin. Used over time, it helps to boost radiance, smooth fine lines and soften skin. Another plus, it has an uplifting fruity-floral scent, with notes of rose, jasmine, fresh pear and Ume plum to help you de-stress.

To ensure there is something for everyone, the Japanese has created three different versions for you to choose from. The Moisturizing Cream($80) has a silky soft texture, while the Moisturizing Gel Cream ($80) is great for oily complexions with it’s dewy, fresh finish. The Day Emulsion ($80) even has a SPF30/PA+++ formula to protect you from harmful UV rays.

An interesting thing about the packaging of the Shiseido Essential Energy collection is its packaging. Inspired by Japanese tea ceremony and created to resemble handcrafted tea bowls, the jars are designed to fit naturally in your hands. There are 64 unique shapes in all, so chances are every bottle you get will be different. Cool, huh?

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