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Jelly Skincare: About The Hype And The Ones To Try

We've had jelly makeup, say jell-o to jelly skincare.

They’re jiggly, gloopy and addictively feel-good on skin. Slathering them on is, simply put, fun. And just like jelly desserts and PBJ sandwiches, jelly skincare is very, very easy to like. A trend that’s thought to have started in Korea – those K-beauty brands really know how to come up with a winning texture – it’s been gaining attention around the world and many western brands have also caught on.

Lightweight, fast-absorbing yet able to deliver a strong moisture boost, jelly skincare occupies the sweet spot between cream (which can feel too rich) and gel (which isn’t rich enough for some). Though they’re suitable for all skin types, they work particularly well for oily and combination skin, delivering hydration minus a sticky or heavy feel. In hot, humid climates where problems such as enlarged pores, unwanted shine, dehydration and irritation are common, their cooling, soothing effects make them a godsend.

Here, we’ve rounded up eight of the wobbly best.

Drunk Elephant Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser, $46 from Sephora
One of the cult brand’s most popular offerings – and with good reasons. For starters, this gentle, pH-balanced cleanser is free of silicones, alcohol, essential oils, synthetic fragrance and dyes, making it suitable for all skin types.  In place of sodium lauryl sulfate, it uses a blend of mild surfactants and emollients to clear off makeup, excess oil and grime, not moisture. The result: soft, clean skin that’s bouncy to the touch. Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly, $60 from Tangs
It may have a water-jelly consistency, but don’t think it’s a pushover in the moisture stakes. Promising 24-hour hydration and protection against pollutants, it’s packed with sunflower seed cake, barley extract and cucumber extract to strengthen the moisture barrier for healthier, more resilient skin in the long run. Shiseido WASO Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream, $55 from Sephora
Don’t be thrown off by its name – its texture is so much like jelly you’d almost think you can scoff it down. The ingredients sound delicious too: carrot, loquat, honey, tofu and white jelly mushroom. So feather-light you can use it under or over makeup to reduce the look of pores and freshen up a tired visage. Sephora Green Tea Moisturizing Gelee, $15 from Sephora
It’s as refreshing for skin as green tea is for parched throats, and just as nutrient-rich. It sinks into skin fast, leaves no slick film and doesn’t clog pores, making it a good pick for a day moisturiser to use under makeup. Estee Lauder Nutritious Super-Pomegranate Radiant Energy Eye Jelly, $67 from Sephora
Its cooling sensation instantly wakes up tired, puffy peepers. With twice as much pomegranate concentrate as before plus essential vitamins and minerals, it not only hydrates for up to 24 hot hours, it also tackles dull skin. First Aid Beauty Ginger & Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask, $52 from Sephora
Invigorate lacklustre skin with this cool treat. Vitamin C brightens the complexion, while ginger and turmeric – superfoods known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties – help to calm stressed skin. Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask, $16.90 from Watsons and Lazada
How can a sheet mask be jelly? Look inside each pack and you’ll see the copious amounts of jelly essence that each mask has been soaking in. Intensely hydrating and soothing, you can expect plump, lustrous skin that’s soft to the touch. Available in a range of variants such as Hyaluronic Acid (pictured), Collagen and Royal Jelly. Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque, $69 from Kiehl’s
Made with hand-picked calendula flower petals, this creates an instant cooling sensation that relieves angry, irritated skin. Three minutes is all it takes to work, and it’s gentle enough to use three times a week or more.