Since bursting onto the scene with her soulful, critically acclaimed debut EP Project 11 three years ago, British singer/songwriter Jorja Smith has scored duets with some of the biggest male hip-hop stars (cue Drake and Kendrick Lamar); a Best British Female Artist Brit Award; and as of April, the title of Dior Makeup Ambassador. Following her tour with Kali Uchis this year, we sit down with the 22-year-old mixed-race beauty for an exclusive interview on how she dolls up and winds down.

Best makeup advice she’s been given

“Put concealer on top of foundation; that it’s important to blend with the beauty blender; to check and make sure that everything has sunk into your skin properly (before heading out) and to get ready a bit earlier so that your makeup has time to ‘live’ on your face as it warms up after sinking in. If you do not have time for your makeup to warm up, setting sprays do help and make a difference.”

An interesting beauty trick

“Putting liner on your top waterline makes the lash line fuller, connects it with your mascara and lifts your eyes. It looks really great.”

Image: Dior Makeup

Favourite lipstick

“The Dior Backstage Lip Palette (with nine long-wearing, richly pigmented shades in a variety of glossy, matte and satin finishes) that I always mix and match. My favourite colours would be Rosewood Blush, Berry and Pink. This palette really has everything!”

The beauty essentials in her purse

“(Dior’s colour-reviving) Lip Glow in #001 and a nourishing face cream, just in case anything gets dry. I usually carry the lip colour that I have on that day. I am so lucky to have my makeup artist and hairstylist with me all the time so that all I need to carry are my essentials.”

Image: Dior Makeup

Favourite Dior makeup product

“I love the Dior Iconic Mascara because it makes my lashes look really long and full, and the Dior Backstage Foundation because I don’t like anything too thick on my face, especially when I’m performing… it gives me just the right amount of coverage without being too heavy. I also really love the lipsticks. My absolute favourite I an no longer live without is Dior Lip Glow. I love how it enhances one’s natural lip colour and sometimes I add a gloss on top to make my lips extra shiny.”

Her morning beauty routine

“(It’s) pretty simple: I exfoliate my face twice – though I should not because I have been using glycolic acid pads for a while – then I put on a day cream, some eye serum and finish by spraying the (hydrating) Miss Dior Silky Face & Body Mist. Then I’m good to go.”

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Her makeup routine when she has no professional help

“I will do my usual morning skincare routine, and then put on the Dior Backstage Airflash Radiance Mist (that helps prime skin and make it glow). Next, I apply touches of the Dior Backstage Foundation (which comes in a liquid format and is known for its natural finish and buildability). After blending it in, I put on some of the Dior Forever Undercover Concealer (said to neutralise the look of imperfections with a single coat). I love a good shine, so I usually finish by putting on the Dior Backstage Glow Palette (that contains four universal, radiance boosting shades)… I then move on to my brows: I love the Diorshow Brow Styler (it boasts an ultra fine tip for precision). Another two of my favourites for final touches are the Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume HD mascara and some lip Glow.”

Part of Smith’s sun-kissed “stage makeup” for the Chicago stop of her tour: The Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronze powder – designed to enhance one’s complexion for a naturally tanned glow – in #005 Warm Sunlight to contour; the buildable and radiance-boosting Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette in #001 Universal to highlight as well as illuminate the eyes (dab the white shade onto the inner corners of peepers); and the Diorskin Rosy Glow blush in #001 Petal for a fresh-out-of-the-gym, rosy pink flush on the cheeks

Her in-flight beauty tricks

“When (we) get the announcement saying (that we) are landing in 40 minutes, I put on a Dior Prestige Exceptional Regenerating Firming sheet mask (said to deliver benefits equivalent to that of a bottle of serum, leaving contours looking more defined) for 20 minutes. I will then go into the bathroom to put on some Nivea lotion on my face… I fly so much so I am just making sure that my skin is hydrated.”

Favourite social media accounts for beauty inspiration

“@Uglyworldwide (aka alt-beauty star Jazelle Zanaughtti) is fab. I also like (models) Adwoa Aboah and Paloma Elsesser. (There are) my makeup artists Carol Lopez Reid and Peter Philips; and (American actress/ model) Barbie Ferreira who is really cool. I like people who create their own random looks/ I also love the photographer Nadia Lee.”

How she “switches off”

“I’ve started doing yoga and get 60 minutes (done a day) to focus on myself, my movement. Although working out is definitely hard work, it does calm me down. Also, I find going to the steam room calming.”

Favourite workout routine

“I love anything that will make my bum bigger.”

What’s coming up next for her

I have been writing more with my band – I need to write more because last year was so busy, I did not really have time to write… I also want to work on a little project, but I do not know (what yet). There will definitely (be) something coming out this year.”

This story first appeared in the November 2019 issue of FEMALE.