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This Is The Simple K-Beauty Skincare Trend That's Easy To Follow

Say hello to perky radiant skin. This K-beauty skincare trend is simple and easy to follow, thanks to the fewer steps needed.

This article first appeared in Her World. 

If you’ve been keeping up with Korean beauty trends over the years, you’ve probably heard of glass skin – and the gazillion steps needed to achieve it. Made famous in 2018 by K-stars such as Song Hye-kyo and Lee Young-ae, glass skin is poreless, even-toned skin that has a luminous radiant glow – just like, well, glass.

Fast forward 1 year later and we had a new up-and-coming beauty trend: mochi skin. With brands such as RE:ERTH coming up with products specially targeted to help skincare enthusiasts achieve mochi skin, the trend undoubtedly took off and became a hit. Mochi skin is supple, bouncy skin that resembles the super soft Japanese dessert mochi.

Well, since it’s 2020, we expected nothing less when we heard about the new k-beauty buzz that’s been going around: cream skin. Cream skin seems to be easier to achieve than its glassy and mochi-like predecessors, since a complicated 10-step skincare routine isn’t needed this time. Instead, a good moisturiser paired with a hardworking serum are all you really need to get on board with this new trend. The result is super soft, dewy skin that isn’t too shiny. The big bonus is definitely that it doesn’t require a truckload of products or a lengthy nighttime routine to achieve.

Here are some products that’ll help you achieve cream skin like Korean actress Bae Suzy – you’ll soon realise what the hype is all about.

Laneige Cream Skin Refiner, $38
When Korean beauty powerhouse Laneige released this Cream Skin Refiner in 2019, it was as if they knew about the cream skin trend a year in advance. This hydrating toner acts as a moisturiser (without the oiliness) and is a great first step in any skincare routine. Enriched with white leaf tea water and amino acids, this skin refiner works to strengthen the skin while giving it a creamy-like glow. It also helps those who struggle with dark spots and uneven skin texture – so your complexion ends up brighter and more even-toned after multiple uses. Definitely a worthy addition to your cart, if you ask us. Clinique Exfoliating Scrub, $50
Exfoliating is a must in any skincare routine, especially if you’re looking to achieve that soft and glowy cream skin that many K-stars have. We love Clinique’s Exfoliating Scrub – a gentle, water-based exfoliator that works to remove dead skin and blackheads, so you have the perfect base for your goal of achieving cream skin. This paraben- and fragrance-free scrub also helps to clear acne and blemishes, resulting in clearer and brighter skin. Just remember not to over-scrub, you don’t want to hurt your skin in any way! Try using this product 3 to 4 times a week for maximum results. Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Day Emulsion, $90
Ah, emulsions. A word we’ve all heard in the beauty world but can’t really place a finger on what it really is. Is it a moisturiser, a serum, or something completely different? Well, an emulsion is basically a gentler, lighter version of a heavy cream-like moisturiser. It’s typically water-based and absorbs into the skin a lot faster than ordinary moisturisers would. Emulsions, especially this one from Shiseido, is perfect for those who are looking to achieve cream skin. It’s infused with a hardworking blend of antioxidants and vitamins to help smooth out fine lines, so your skin looks smooth and soft. Pop this emulsion onto your skin after cleansing and toning – your complexion is sure to be a lot more radiant after multiple uses. Huxley Oil Essence; Essence-like, Oil-like, $59
This contemporary Korean skincare brand was founded not too long ago, and it’s already been making waves in the K-beauty community. The Huxley Oil Essence has been one of their bestsellers since the launch, and for good reason. It’s formulated with a hardworking blend of cactus extract and acai berry to help give skin extra hydration and nourishment, so your complexion becomes soft and cream-like. A little goes a long way with this product – so just pop a couple of drops onto your palms and pat it onto your skin in an upwards motion. Sulwhasoo Essential Revitalizing Serum EX, $158
After applying emulsion onto your skin, pop on this revitalising serum by Sulwhasoo – it works well for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Specifically formulated to target uneven skin tone, this serum doesn’t just help to even out the skin, but also helps to brighten and soften skin. And since cream skin is supposed to be smooth and soft, the antioxidants infused in this bottle helps to promote just that. Shu Uemura Unlimited Breathable Lasting Cushion Foundation, $78
On nights out, we’re bound to pop on some makeup for that extra glam factor. If you’re looking for a sheer-coverage foundation to cover up any dark spots but still want your cream skin to peep through, try this breathable cushion foundation by Shu Uemura. It’s hydrating, comfortable and super buildable, in case you’ve got an extra pesky blemish to cover up. It also has SPF36, which means that you’ll still be protected from the harmful UV rays should you forget to apply sunscreen (check out these non-greasy sunscreens for oily skin). Plus, we love how effortlessly radiant and soft it makes our skin look. Add to cart, please.