Whether or not you’re a fan, you have to admit that the crazy contouring made famous by the Kardashian clan is all the rage now. With the possible exception of Kendall, the entire family is all about heavy bronzer, ultra-white highlighter and thick foundation that might look overdone in real life but gives you a perfectly chiselled appearance in reel life.

And with the multitude of SYTs (sweet young things) on Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms, I have to admit that it’s sometimes tempting to go slightly heavier on the makeup front. But for some reason, I still prefer a more natural and fresh complexion to an overly perfect, “air-brushed” one.

It might be because I’m in my early 30s (gasp!) and did not grow up taking selfies to showcase my life on social media, or just being a journalist who’s more comfortable staying behind the scenes, but I’d much prefer having a farm fresh complexion over being an overdone dolly any day.


I’m sure you can imagine what I mean when you read the words “farm fresh”: think a healthy, glowing complexion that’s not totally flawless – which most of us naturally aren’t – with a more realistic face shape that doesn’t resemble that of Gisele Bundchen (not all of us can have the razor sharp cheekbones and jawline of a Brazilian supermodel).

And the best way to get it is to invest more time and effort into skincare, while applying a reasonable amount of makeup. Because remember, makeup is meant to accentuate your features and conceal flaws, not hide or change your entire face.


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