powder foundation

Kat Von D Beauty has just launched its newest Lock-it Powder Foundation, which is an easy-to-use full-coverage powder foundation that reportedly delivers an instant matte, blurring effect with extreme long-wear (perfect for all busy, city girls out there). It is housed in a refillable compact accented by a pop of red metallic on the inside and comes in 26 different shades.

We talk to Tara Buenrostro, a part of the brand’s Artistry Collective team on application tips, creating a fuss-free look, and the year’s beauty trends.

powder foundation
Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation, $53

Application tips using the Lock-it Powder Foundation

Tara Buenrostro (TB): “It is a fast, fuss-free and full coverage foundation that is great for all over the skin no matter what your skin type is and features a non-drying formula. When applying all over the face, I like to start with fully prepped skin, and then use the Precision Powder Foundation Brush directly into the powder and gently pat on the centre of my face where I need fuller coverage, before swiping it around the edges where I need less and to blend. For quick, easy touch-ups, the sponge it comes with is perfect to use on the go — but I rarely need any touch-ups at all with this product. It was only after a long 10-hour day on set I felt I needed a little T-zone fix.

The biggest makeup trends in 2019

TB: “I have been seeing a lot of purposeful placement as far as textures go on the skin. In the past, the “dewy glow” was all the rave. But what I’ve been noticing now is that matte skin is back. Of course, with touches of highlight on the higher points of the bone structure like above the brows, tip of the nose, bow of the lips, and cheekbones. This matte/highlight combo gives your face a more three-dimensional look from all angles. Full fluffy natural lashes are also a huge hit right now all over the runways. Paired with a pop of colour either on your lips or eyes giving you a bold, but still soft every day look that is absolutely stunning on all skin tones.”

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Creating a fuss-free base and makeup look in 5 minutes

TB: “Fuss-free makeup is my personal favourite, especially as I approach 35 weeks pregnant. My skin has gone through so many changes throughout pregnancy — it’s been oily, it’s been breakout prone, and it’s also been extremely dry. Luckily, the products I have been using have worked so great throughout all of these changes. I first hydrate my skin with coconut oil, then prime my face with the brand’s Hydrating Primer. I gently dab Lock-it Concealer Creme under my eyes and apply the Lock-It Powder Foundation all over with the Precision Powder Foundation Brush. This acts as a perfect canvas to add some bronzer, contour, or blush, throw on some mascara and you are done.”

Common makeup mistakes

TB: “Not knowing your face shape is a big one. How someone highlights and contours their skin on YouTube is not — and should not — be the same exact way the viewer should be highlighting and contouring their skin unless, in fact, they have the same face shape. Knowing what your face shape is  and how to properly correct and enhance your features makes all the difference in your overall makeup. Always remember light (highlight) brings forward giving the appearance of making things larger, and dark (contour) pushes back giving the appearance that things are smaller. Keeping this in mind will help you with where your placement should be for highlighting and contouring that is best for your personal face shape.”

Her must-have makeup item

TB: “I absolutely can’t live without my eyebrows, so I’d have to say the 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade in Medium Brown. Super Brow comes in an array of shades and truly is waterproof and transfer resistant which is also very important when it comes the eyebrows. I can have nothing else on, but my brows.”

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Personal beauty hacks

TB: “One of my favourite tricks is mixing a hydrating primer directly with the Lock-It Foundation and then applying for a more subtle “tinted moisturiser”-like result on the skin. You still get the long-wearing benefits but for those not looking for full coverage, or want a more glowy finish this combo will be your new favourite.”

Easy-to-use makeup colours

TB: “Red is a colour that can often time be very intimidating, but red is a shade that works amazing on all skin tones and, at any time of the year. If you’re running late for work, and you don’t feel put together — throw on a red lip, it gives that instant, ‘I’m ready to take on the day’ vibe.”

Beauty advice she lives by

TB: “There’s nothing more beautiful than being true to yourself, and self-love. I think this is why I love makeup so much. It allows us all to be unique and different, it allows us to express ourselves through the art of makeup, celebrating who we are as individuals.”

The foundation is now available at all Sephora stores. 

Main image: Showbit.com