#1: The actress and model is only 18 years old, but has been acting since she was four.

#2: Despite her young age, she’s already starred in 18 drama serials, 17 movies, and one TV movie.

#3: While she has always had steady work, she first blew up in her first adult leading role in the crazy popular historical drama Love In the Moonlight, alongside Park Bo Gum.

#4: She is the youngest of three children, and just last year, her older sister Kim Yeon Jung decided to follow in her footsteps and debut as an actress.

#5: The one superpower she would like to have would be to have a very high metabolism so she could eat as much as she wanted without gaining weight.

#6: Her birthday is on 22nd September, making her a Virgo.

#7: She is commonly recognised by her clear skin, large eyes and extremely long hair.

#8: After completing high school, she decided to forgo furthering her studies to concentrate on her career.

#9: In her free time, she is known to sketch.

#10: Her most common makeup look is glowing skin, subtle eyeliner and neutral eyeshadow.

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