moonshot makeup

Just like how Apollo 11’s lunar landing in 1969 was revolutionary, South Korean conglomerate YG Entertainment wanted to create a beauty brand that was equally unexpected and inspirational – which is why it established Moonshot last year (the name represents the launching of a spacecraft to the moon). Already, the brand has garnered a slew of celebrity fans like 2NE1’s Sandara Park, actress Lee Sung Kyung and model Choi Sora. (If you’re ever in South Korea, you can pop by its Samcheong Dong flagship store for free makeup lessons every Monday.)

Unlike other Korean brands, however, Moonshot won’t be focusing on pinks and being pretty. After all, YG artists – like household names G-Dragon and Big Bang – are famous for their individuality. So why would its makeup be any different? Think bold, electric and fun shades that don’t let you fly under the radar.

All the products are split into three categories for their customers’ convenience. Condition represents skincare, Prepare is for base makeup while Evolve represents colours and makeup tools. Here, some of our favourites:


moonshot condition
(L to R): Skin Fuel Cream ($56), Perfect Cleansing Oil ($44) and Mist Essence Moist ($44)


moonshot prepare
(L to R): Multi Protection UV Bouncer ($53), Dark Spot Concealer ($35) and Face Perfection Liquid ($56)


moonshot evolve
(L to R): Jelly Pot ($34), Cream Paint ($36) and Line Performer Liquid ($32)


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