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5 Korean Beauty Brands We Hope To See In Singapore By 2019 — Here's Why

Here are some of the K-beauty brands on beauty writer Sofia Kim's 2019 wishlist.

#3: Son & Park

I have heard about this brand for quite some time now but only got around to trying their products this year. I fell in love immediately. Founded by two renowned Korean makeup artists (also behind the makeup brand, Gesgep), this skincare brand focuses on creating simple products that are gentle on the skin — yet still very effective. Another plus? Its uber minimalistic and IG-worthy packaging.

This has quickly become one of my favourite skincare products this year. It isn’t just any ordinary toner: it cleanses, tones, hydrates and exfoliates. More importantly, this has a pH value of 4.5, which is similar to that of our skin. And why is that important? After a thorough cleanse, our skin’s pH levels may alter and it’s key to always bring it back to a mildly acidic state (more specifically, pH 4-6) to allow our skin’s barrier function to work effectively. Previously, I used to apply two kinds of toner — one to rebalance my pH level and the other to hydrate but now, I only need to use one.

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